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This paper is a short literary review of the first chapter of Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, entitled Toronto and Pondicherry. It offers a glimpse of the main character’s identity and his experiences so far and unveils some of the themes of the novel…
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Life of Pi chapter one jornal
The paper outlines all the strategies used by the author to make the novel interesting and to make the readers think about main problems arising in the text. The strategies that the author uses to introduce his main character are interesting because the narrative does not follow a strict logic but seems fraught with random details of the narrator’s experiences. The descriptions are alternated with meditative and very profound observations on life. The character’s identity is shaped therefore not by direct statements but mostly through his thoughts, memories and random statements, all of which seem to be given arbitrarily. This observation is out of place in the scientific context it is included in, since it refers to spirituality and imagination. The narrator’s studies, which were a curious mix of science and religion, along with his unnamed sufferings, indicate that the general theme of the novel has to do with revelation or religious awakening. The two majors that the author has taken in college and his passionate involvement in his studies signal the possibility of an inner conflict, between reason and his spiritual experiences. The conflict could be related to the clash between religions as well: it can be derived that the narrator is Indian, that he lives in Toronto and that he would like to visit several key religious cities: Jerusalem, Varanasi and Mecca. There is also a cultural conflict, as seen in the brief restaurant scene depicted at the end of the chapter. Read more
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