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Giancarlo De Cataldos Book Launch Event Evaluation - Essay Example

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The goal of this essay is to provide a reflection analysis from a personal perspective on the literary event. The event which will be evaluated is the book launch of the author Giancarlo De Cataldo’s edited collection of crime short stories in English translation…
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Giancarlo De Cataldos Book Launch Event Evaluation
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Extract of sample "Giancarlo De Cataldos Book Launch Event Evaluation"

Download file to see previous pages The setting for the literary event was well chosen and suitable for the intimate nature of the presentation. The setting consisted of a small lecture theatre with a bank of seats in an amphitheater around the author. This made for excellent communication between the speaker and audience. Each of the audience members had an excellent view and the author could be heard clearly by everyone. This kind of planning makes for a successful literary event because it avoids the all too common situation where those at the back see and hear very little of the evening’s events. It also meant that questions could be taken very easily from the floor, the author could see all the people he needed to respond to and all questions and answers could be heard by all the people in the room. The author also did not need to use a microphone, eliminating distracting issues such as technological failure and buzzing.
The informal atmosphere created by the setting was also appropriate to the event. The author was of most interest to students and local people interested in foreign and crime literature. A formal setting would have been inappropriate because it would have discouraged debate and interaction between these groups. It was also have been more intimidating to ask questions to the author. The event was partly intended to encourage the student population and local residents to come together and the atmosphere really facilitated this. Rather than an overly formal and pretentious book launch, the event was treated more as an opportunity for author and public to exchange ideas and feed off one another. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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