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Review of Olympic Dreams: The Impact of Mega-events on Local Politics - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Review of Olympic Dreams: The Impact of Mega-events on Local Politics
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"Review of Olympic Dreams: The Impact of Mega-events on Local Politics"

Download file to see previous pages They want to be showcased on a world scale and to demonstrate to all of civilization what their particular citizenry is truly capable of. Once again, while most cities are rarely discussed outside of a particular geographical region, many mega-cities are constantly in the media spotlight, and politicians work hard to keep it that way. Owing to this reality, it is no wonder that many of the major cities of the world are constantly looking for ways to outdo one another. While there are many options available to make one’s mark in this world, cities often look to the mega-event to accomplish this task. Seen by many to be a boon for local stature and the economy, politics are often shaped by such world class events and meetings. The impact of these events has been so wide reaching, particularly in terms of their influence on local political dealings, that Burbank, Andranovich, and Heying (2001) focus on just this concept in their book ‘Olympic Dreams: The Impact of Mega-events on Local Politics’. ...
Urban governance is not only the focus of this course, it is the crux of this particular book. In examining the impact that mega-events have had on local politics throughout select portions of modern history, the authors make the conscious effort to point out various reasons why major cities would even go through the expense and logistical nightmare that often accompanies the hosting of such global events. Large scale projects often result is long-term success, yet all too often the glory of the event itself is often extremely short-lived and quickly forgotten. The author’s base their core argument on the premise that patterns of urban growth have changed in the 20th century (Burbank, Andranovic, & Heying, 2001, p. 11). This is basically due to the ready access of transportation vehicles that allowed the populace to live further and further from the actual city. This lead to the growth of the suburbs, yet caused many urban centers to struggle to maintain their existing infrastructure. As such, many downtown development projects were aging, not being properly cared for, and creating a serious dilemma for local politicians. As a result, the premise of the argument is that major cities began to look for ways to spark an economic resurgence in the area, draw attention back to urban centers, and highlight the many historical and modern attributes of each city that make them great. As the authors point out, “Economic growth is an attractive goal for politicians because of the fiscal considerations and because economic growth offers opportunities for tangible benefits” (Burbank, Andranovic, & Heying, p. 12). Politicians who have ambition will often be seen at major ceremonies marking the start of a mega-event or project ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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