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Uncovering the Cultural, Social and Economic Impact of Cultural Events on the Local Environment - Literature review Example

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The objective of the review "Uncovering the Cultural, Social and Economic Impact of Cultural Events on the Local Environment" is to provide a summary of the most relevant research findings regarding socio-cultural impacts of cultural events in small to mid-sized communities of China…
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Uncovering the Cultural, Social and Economic Impact of Cultural Events on the Local Environment
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Extract of sample "Uncovering the Cultural, Social and Economic Impact of Cultural Events on the Local Environment"

Download file to see previous pages Cal-Asia Events (2010) and BVents (2009) cite various cultural events that have been held in China to include the 2008 Fourth China (Ningbo) International Vocal Competition, China Yiwu International Cultural Industry Fair and China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair (ICIF). ICIF is the only comprehensive national event in China because of its unique composition and state that draws attention from many people at home and internationally (ICIF 2010, News Guangdong 2004, Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China 2004, Delta Bridges 2009 and StartinChina 2010). Media Consulting Group (2009) and Rivera et al (2008, pp. 121-137) agree that cultural events have in them a lot of cultural and social values and they occasionally, they have been used as instruments of promoting tourism, expanding tourism seasonality and improving image of a city, region or country and all this in a bid to boost, grow and develop local, regional and national economies.
According to ICIF (2010), International Cultural Industry Fair has been considered the only comprehensive cultural event in China and has been held annually for the last six years (Ministry of Commerce 2008, ICSID 2010 and Dongsheng 2007). The event aims at building an exchange platform for the promotion of the development of the Chinese cultural industry (Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China 2004). As ICIF (2010) and News Guangdong (2004) indicate, a colossal amount of money is invested with exhibitions, exchanges, forums, awards and celebration activities as auspices of the event. What is the impact of this on the local environment and community? This is the question that the study tries to answer. This literature review focuses on the evaluation of cultural events in terms of economic, cultural and social impact in relation to the empirical case of ICIF. I   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Uncovering the Cultural, Social and Economic Impact of Cultural Events Literature Review.
“Uncovering the Cultural, Social and Economic Impact of Cultural Events Literature Review”.
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