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International Environmental Analysis - Assignment Example

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INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS: A CASE STUDY OF TATA GROUP Instructor Institution Month, Year Introduction The Tata Group which is an Indian corporation based in Mumbai has spread its wings into foreign markets. Its operations in motor vehicle, ICT, steel and tea have succeeded due to proper management and application of appropriate corporate strategies…
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International Environmental Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The implication of internalization of the Tata Group on Europe has also been explained in this paper. The Tata Group The Tata Group is a multinational corporation from India with its headquarters being in Mumbai. In India, the Tata Group is among the biggest companies. This group has a large annual revenue and extensive market capitalization. The investment of the company includes the ICT sector, materials, energy, engineering, services, chemicals, and consumer products. According to Pandit (2005, p. 61), the multinational company has extended its arms across the world with its operations covering over 80 countries. The company is an active exporter of goods and services to many countries across the six continents of the world. This corporation has more than 144 subsidiaries and companies, which include Tata Steel, Tata Technologies, Tata Motors, Tata Tea, Titan Industries, Tata Sons and Tata Teleservices. Sen (2009, p 31) says that the Corporation is reputable in the world because it has financed and established many institutions and funded research initiatives within India and across the world. The corporation gets more than two thirds of its revenue from countries outside India and therefore this demonstrates its international expansion. Tata Group SWOT Analysis The vision of the Tata Group is to improve the quality of life. The company’s strategies facilitate the achievement of its vision. Taylor (2011, p. 86) says that the strategies of the company are designed to enable the corporation overcome its weaknesses and make maximum utilization of the opportunities available within the local and international markets. Capabilities and resources are the main strengths of the Tata Group. The resources of the corporation are the capable employees and the raw materials, which give it its business capabilities. New markets, acquisitions, and exports are the business opportunities of the corporation. The weaknesses, which the corporation aims to overcome, include the macro environment, innovation of its value chain and distribution. To allow the company serve the local and international market effectively with quality services and products, overcoming its weaknesses is inevitable. Furthermore, the Tata Group needs to provide goods and services at reasonable prices so that it will not lose its loyal customers. Sen (2009, p. 42) explains that the mergers of the corporation with global companies and its internationalization have led to local threats such as competition. However, the international strategy of the corporation is part of its strategic plan, which does not compromise the need to achieve its essential goals within the local market. Taylor (2011, p.91) asserts that as a way of expanding its business internationally, the Tata Group uses the corporate strategy of mergers and acquisitions. This is an opportunity in the international market, which the company utilizes to overcome its weaknesses. For example, the Tata Group acquires companies in the steel industry so that it would get raw materials at lower prices to enable it serve the automobile industry with low steel prices. This will enable the group to provide its customers with value added and low price products as a way of overcoming the competition in the market. Through the mergers and acqui ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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