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Critical Bibliography: Women in Film Noir - Essay Example

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This essay “Critical Bibliography: Women in Film Noir” is a critical source review of a selection of the bibliography on the theme of the women in film noir. Biesen’s book discussed the elements used in film noir, how wartime film noir had slightly differing content, the essence of postwar film noir…
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Critical Bibliography: Women in Film Noir
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"Critical Bibliography: Women in Film Noir"

Download file to see previous pages This book is goodfor a study into the specific era of war and its consequences in film noir industry. Biesenhas done a thorough research and analysis on the films, rationale behind theirproductions, film censorships, public response, film critics' reviews, and the overall filmnoir genre analysis. Some of her better insightful arguments were about the linkagebetween the noir and espionage genre, and noir and realism. Biesen’s book is acomprehensive, easy read. The shortcomings were that some facts were presented in adidactic manner. Some information about how wartime filming locations were limitedand restricted was repetitively stressed to emphasize to excuse or justify the monotonousbackgrounds and settings.    Muller’s book is about the history of film noir and six of its women actresses;Jane Greer, Coleen Gray, Evelyn Keyes,  Ann Savage, Audrey Totter and MarieWindsor. Each actress’ strengths and weaknesses is analyzed. It traced their personallives from the time they made their debut in Hollywood’s film noir until their greatesttriumphs in black film. Then, the narration lapsed, only to resume fifty years later. Mulleroffered the interesting theory that the dark women of crime did not suffer from genderrole conflict. They were equals to men in criminal motivation and just as guilty. (Muller,2001,  p.1). This book is especially good for writing on the aftermath of actresses whohad roles in film noir. We can trace their career development in their personal historiesand determine. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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