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Understanding Prewriting Techniques in Writing - Essay Example

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In the paper “Understanding Prewriting Techniques in Essay Writing” the author explains different techniques on how to effectively do an essay. It can be noted that the first among the techniques in writing is almost always the planning or the prewriting stage…
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Understanding Prewriting Techniques in Essay Writing
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Extract of sample "Understanding Prewriting Techniques in Writing"

Download file to see previous pages The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University suggests that among the questions that need to be considered in exploring the problem or the thesis of the essay are the target readers, the purpose, and the writer (Online Writing Lab at Purdue University [OWL at Purdue], 2004). For the essay on learning about life, I believe that as a writer the first thing to be determined is the character that I will project in this literary composition. Will I be a young and free-spirited writer that learned about life through adventures and misadventures? Will I be a career person that learned about life through the hard works made in going up the corporate ladder? Or will I be a family person who was taught the lessons of life by raising the kids and dealing with in-laws?
Determining the writer’s image goes hand-in-hand with the personality of the target audience. Before I begin writing, I need to talk to some of the would-be readers so I can fully understand their situation. This constitutes brainstorming that will help me with the contents of the essay and decide on the right writing style that will enable me to truly relate to the readers. The ideas gathered in brainstorming have to be “put in a nutshell” (OWL at Purdue, 2004). Then, I can start my first draft on the essay that tackles “The Best Way to Learn about Life.”
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