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Reflection of my profit and ethics coursework - Essay Example

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It is a unique sense of satisfaction that comes about through intellectual stimulation and application of knowledge learnt in practice. Evidently, I have experienced a personal…
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Reflection of my profit and ethics coursework
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Extract of sample "Reflection of my profit and ethics coursework"

Download file to see previous pages As the a starting point, the module topic on learning styles gave me an understanding of my personal learning style and technique. Before undertaking the module, I was not aware that each person possessed different learning styles. However, the topic on learning styles helped me to identify my dominant style of learning. To this end, I identified linguistic, logical, interpersonal and intrapersonal learning styles as my core strengths. In effect, these learning styles proved essential in my profit and ethics coursework.
Foremost, the profit, and ethics coursework was a controversial module that sought to establish the efficacy of business and corporate social responsibility co-existing in harmony. Bearing this in mind, I discovered that my understanding of the topic would require an inquisitive interpersonal learning style with my course mates. Particularly when discussing the proponent and opponents of ethical responsibility of business, the sentiments advanced by my colleagues were hepful in the to synthesis and formulation of a personal premise on the issue.
Evidently, the profit and ethics assignment entailed a research on whether the goal of profit and ethics can co-exist in a business. This assignment was in reflection to the ongoing dispute between UK dairy farmers with the processors and large chain supermarkets over fair pricing. Consequently, I was able to tap in on the intrapersonal learning style through personal research on articles that presented both sides of the issue from the dairy farmers, milk processors and supermarkets perspectives. After a thorough and analytical understanding of the issue, I commenced to present my premise for the case for ethical responsibility through fair pricing by the milk processors and supermarkets. Consequently, I incorporated the logical learning style based on evidence and intellectual reasoning.
Throughout the text, my logical reasoning was based on the precinct that ethical responsibility ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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