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The paper contains two essays about the novel titled "The Common Man" authored by Robert Bolt. These essays named "Recognizing Ourselves in The Common Man", "That Which Defines a Man of Moral Integrity". The author also examines the conflicts depicted in the novel. …
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Recognizing Ourselves in The Common Man and
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Download file to see previous pages Bolt says in his Preface, e is harder to find than a unicorn...but I thought I heard once or twice, a rueful note of recognition. (xviii & xix). In the steward, the boatman and the jailer, all these contradictory elements are portrayed.
All demonstrate the virtue of working hard for a living. Matthew faithfully serves More until he can no longer pay him the wages he is accustomed to and can perceive the differences between a good person and one of little integrity, as he shows contempt for Rich. The boatman, though moaning about running costs and family commitments, seems to know his business and does his job well. The overly-cautious jailer says of his occupation, it's a job like any other job. (Act 2 p. 75). There are actually indications of some loyalty, which could be construed as worldly wisdom and shrewdness, but whatever the motivation, they exist. Matthew gives Cromwell and Chapuys useless information, hat I can tell them is common knowledge!..everyone wants value for his money. (Act 1 p. 25). The boatman stays to serve More, despite recognizing the power of Cromwell, the coming man. while the jailer refuses the fifty guinea bribe, I want no part of it. They can sort it out between them. I feel my deafness coming on.(Act 2 p. 80).
Matthew feels guilt when refusing to stay with a poorer More, but resentment flares because of how he perceives the world, believing More is tricking him when he expresses affection and says he will miss him. "Miss me What's in me for him to miss...I nearly fell for it. (Act 2 p. 5the 7). It is not his nature to understand More's affection, considering he only wants a cheaper servant. So greed and expediency are presented, along with 'looking out for Number One.' Further proof of this is shown when he goes to work for Rich, h, I can manage this one. He's just my size! (Act 2 p 62), suggesting he sees similarities in their characters, things he does not respect, but accepting that is the way in his world. With the boatman, though willing to serve More, seeming to like and respect him, his own needs are paramount, expect you'll make it worth my while, sir. (Act 1, p. 14).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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