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The tragedy "Othello" tells the fateful love story of the Moor and noble Venetian. The writer of the paper "Analysis Of The Othello By Shakespeare" discusses how Shakespeare consistently reveals the psychology of his characters, their feelings, and thoughts, pushing further actions…
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Analysis Of The Othello By Shakespeare

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Download file to see previous pages Iago, by false aspersions, and by presenting the most revolting images to his mind, easily turns the storm of passion from himself against Desdemona, and works him up into a trembling agony of doubt and fear, in which he abandons all his love and hopes in a breath. From here on, his raging thoughts "never look back, ne'er ebb to humble love," till his revenge is satiated, the painful regrets and involuntary recollections of past circumstances which cross his mind amidst the dim traces of passion, aggravating the sense of his wrongs, but not shaking his purpose. In his conversations with Desdemona, the persuasion of her guilt and the immediate proofs of her duplicity seem to irritate his resentment and aversion to her; but in the scene immediately preceding her death, the recollection of his love haunts him in all its tenderness and force; and after her death, he all at once forgets his wrongs in the sudden and irreparable sense of his loss. This happens before he is assured of her innocence but later his remorse is as dreadful as his revenge has been, and yields only to fixed and death-like despair. His farewell speech, before he kills himself, in which he conveys his reasons to the Senate for the murder of his wife, is equal to the first speech in which he gave them an account of his courtship of her, and "his whole course of love.": "I kissed thee ere I killed thee. No way but this, Killing myself, to die upon a kiss" (V, ii, line 359-60). He then laid down on the bed and died with dignity" (Stauffer 173). Such an ending was alone worthy of such a commencement. The fate of Othello is ultimately the result of Iago's skillful manipulation of rhetorical skills. Iago's convincing rhetoric clearly reveals what a powerful-and dangerous-tool language can be, especially when used by the eloquent, but unscrupulous, individual. A puppeteer of the psyche, Iago pulls the strings of those who should know better with a battery of verbal weapons. In his soliloquies and dialogues, he reveals himself to the audience to be a master of connotative and metaphoric language, inflammatory imagery, emotional appeals, well-placed silences, dubious hesitations, leading questions, meaningful repetition, and sly hints. At the end of the play Iago discovers that even his verbal sparring cannot save him, he resorts to silence. It is his silence that elicits Othello's tragic recognition of his crime and of what he has become. Indeed, in terms of eloquence, Othello-not Iago-has the final word. The 'puritanical' English resistance to the blending of the fleshly and the spiritual, the sexual and the devotional, and by the fact that Shakespeare appealed to popular audiences more than the court. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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