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Analytical Reading and Writing - Essay Example

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Analytical Reading and Writing: Analysis of the film Avatar (2009) Essay Question 3: Watch James Cameron’s Avatar, then pick and discuss, in detail, one theme of your choosing. The recent science fiction film by James Cameron, Avatar (2009), has received massive positive response from the audience, making it one of the greatest films in terms of monetary success in the history of film making…
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Analytical Reading and Writing
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Download file to see previous pages Avatar (2009) within its scope emphasizes on twofold aspects. While on one hand it exposes the nature of limitless lust of humankind for material possession as well as personal gain in terms of money, power, on the other hand it also shows the plight of human civilization as they completely ignored the connection between nature and themselves. In the film the director has provided highest importance on emphasizing over the naked aggression of human beings against nature in order to satisfy their lust for power and money. While in the history of human civilization bears inescapable proof in support of the observation industrialism and colonialism are manifestations of human beings’ crime against nature in order to satisfy their greed, in the film Avatar (2009) the same theme has been provided with a symbolic connotation that suggests that the same lust in the modernist context is reflected through capitalism and corporate consumerism. As the film shows defeat of technology dependent human beings in hand of their humanoid counterparts, at the symbolic this incident also receives a symbolic significance that suggests sooner or later the consumerist society will be paying for its crime against nature.1 Thesis Statement: The film Avatar not only exposes the actual nature of modern consumerism in the era of corporate dominance but it also reflects the plight of humankind due to its crime against nature. The defiance of nature worshipping humanoids under leadership of a human being, who identifies himself spiritually as a part of the nature and consequently learns to respect her, against aggression of technology dependent consumerism also suggests that in order to introduce change against destructive practices it is important to realize the connection with nature and consequently respect the same. The plot of Avatar is founded in the future and it has also been shown that both technological empowerment as well as consumerist aggression of the human civilization has reached to the highest extent. In this situation the humankind’s aggression against nature has transcended the earthly boundary and they are keen on mining ‘unobtanium’ from the planet Pandora. As defiance from the inhabitants of Pandora (Na’vi), who also worship the nature as their mother, is proving to be a serious obstacle against such operation, thus, it becomes important by the research team to create genetically engineered humanoid bodies in order to interact with the inhabitants and consequently plan the operation accordingly. An U.S. veteran Jake Sully is entrusted with the assignment for such interaction. Jake was also promised by Colonel Miles that he would be cured from his handicap if he helps the research team to execute their operation successfully. During his interaction with the Na’vi community, Jake not only realizes the spiritual connection between him and the humanoids but he also realizes the importance of protecting the nature resources of Pandora. Consequently, he proves his capability as a leader to the humanoids and with the help of natural forces he finally defeats the technologically empowered, consumerist and imperialist human species2. It can be widely and quite rationally argued that the world or the human civiliz ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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