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This essay “Career Opportunities in Journalism: Types of Writers” will focus on the various types of writers, their personality and their strengths and weaknesses. Correspondents are writers who score very high in sensory functioning…
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Career Opportunities in Journalism: Types of Writers
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Types vary according to their writing style and techniques and these stylesand techniques are highly influenced by their personality. Certain personality traits are associated with certain writing styles. This writing will focus on the various types of writers, their personality and their strengths and weaknesses.
Correspondents are writers who score very high in sensory functioning and they give importance to collecting information in the most accurate manner and information they gather and write about is quite factual in nature (Burns 79). Correspondents are even recognized to be good feelers and they want to please their audience as they take into account the feeling that audience will experience when they read their message. The strength of these kinds of writers include: ample amount o emphasis on accurateness of information and their weakness is that they lack in providing information that is conceptual in nature.
Technical writers are regarded as those writers who create rules and focus on the rules of writing. These writers are highly focused towards both factual and conceptual information. Due to their higher amount of focus towards facts and concepts their information account for higher level of accuracy. These writers even give ample amount of importance to formats of writing and the technical nature of English language. The main strength of these writers is that they give great amount of leverage to factual information and their writings are quite logical in nature. The lim8itation associated with these writers is that they focus on extreme ends such as black and white and do not focus on impartiality.
Creative writers are those who are highly focused towards finding new things to write about and they aim at writing different from other writers. They have a sense of creating their own writing styles and providing their own package of information. These writers score very high in intuition as they are dependant on intuition for writing. The strength of these writers is that they have the ability to engage audience and attract audience as they provide new insight. Their dependency on intuition may make their work look irrational and lack of factual information.
Analytical writers are regarded as the most influential writers and their writings show a side of dominance (Rosenwasser 238). Analytical writers focus highly on objectivity of the matter of their written work and they focus on providing more than one side about a particular topic in their writings. The strength of this kind of writer is that these writers are able to provide audience with more than one side of the story. The limitation is that this kind of writer may fail to provide a single solution to a problem which might result in being unimportant to the audience.
There are four kinds of writers, creative, analytical, correspondent and technical writers. These writers vary in accordance to their writing styles and personality. Some of the writers are highly inclined towards providing subjective information while focus on objectivity whiles they writer. Certain writers give great importance to factual information while others are highly dependent on their intuition.
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