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Resources in Help of Pursuing a Major in Mathematics - Assignment Example

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This paper "Resources in Help of Pursuing a Major in Mathematics" focuses on the fact that the purpose of this guide is to provide a comprehensive, insightful and useful collection of online resources for individuals who are pursuing a major in mathematics. …
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Resources in Help of Pursuing a Major in Mathematics
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Extract of sample "Resources in Help of Pursuing a Major in Mathematics"

Download file to see previous pages For the aim of promoting the value and efficacy of this compilation, the resources which have been featured in this document encompass electronic databases, professional and scholarly journals, government agency publications, research studies, information sources and specialized directories.  

Audience: The primary audience which this guide aims to serve comprises of the individuals who are pursuing a major in mathematics at Penn State University, from freshman to senior level. Through the compilation of this internet resource guide, it is expected that the students would be able to benefit from the selected resources during the course of completion of their degree.

Assumptions: This guide has been compiled on the basis of the assumption that the audience benefitting from it possesses adequate prior knowledge of mathematics and comprehends the extent of its applicability in practical scenarios. Moreover, in addition to the required information regarding the discipline, it is assumed that the student or user of this guide also has access to the required sources for benefitting from the provided data which in this case are a computer/laptop/tablet or other internet-supported device and an adequate internet connection. Before, the reader intends to access the presented resources he/she must realize certain limitations of access, for example, the requirement of signing up with the website before using the available data and information.

Organization: This guide has been organized in a uniform manner to provide hassle-free access to required information. Thus, the assessment of each resource follows a similar pattern to aid understanding. The total number of resources which have been incorporated in the resource amount to eight and are associated with the academic discipline of mathematics.

Tips: It is recommended that the reader should install the necessary software including Microsoft Office and Windows File Viewer to his/her computer in addition to Adobe Reader. Furthermore, in case of finding any data which does not fall within the spectrum of widely used such as .docx or .pdf, the reader should also install a suitable file converting software to gain access to the material.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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