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Robinsons London's Summer Morning and Blakes London - Essay Example

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This paper compares Marry Robinson’s, "London's Summer Morning" and William Blake’s, "London" and analyses how the poems are related in Structure, Language, Rhyme, and certain other literary aspects. It also unearths the basic differences between the two poems through a close reading…
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Robinsons Londons Summer Morning and Blakes London
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Extract of sample "Robinsons London's Summer Morning and Blakes London"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that analyzing the poetical devices and identifying the real meaning intended by the poet are equally significant. One should be capable of unveiling the connotative as well as the denotative levels of meaning which make the study authentic and systematic. Marry Robison’s poem, ‘London’s Summer Mornings’ clearly portrays the hustle and bustle of a London city life that is presented through the description of a congested street. After the event of the Industrial Revolution, London became a center of magnified urbanization and numerous growth of population. Historical researches have remarked on the fact that for the period of these flourishing times London became a massive consumer and service center. Like Mary Robinson William Blake also depicts the picture of London city with the background of social and political life in his poem ‘London.’ Marry Robinson’s poem concentrates the material life of people who lived in London, while Blake makes serious efforts to criticize social and political scenario in detail. Readers can identify numerous uses of various literary devices and techniques in both poems. Poems like Mary Robinson’s ‘London's Summer Mornings’ and William Blake’s ‘London’ explore the unified theme of city life with the background of various literary techniques. The image of the sooty Chimney boy symbolizes the busy life of Londoners in a summer season. Poet awakens the taste-buds with “and the hunger-giving cries / Of vegetable vendors, fill the air”. Here the reader cannot suppress his or her wonder how well the boy charges even though because business must be sluggish during the summer mornings. The poem obviously pictures the industrious life of Londoners and the image of the housemaid in the poem ‘London’s Summer Morning’ inspire the reader to think about the busy life of people who lived in streets. The reader can easily associate with ‘red’ and ‘healthy’ with the rush and heat of city life. Another striking example of city life is presented through the image of the porter who worked hard early in the summer morning. Poet sings; “The porter now / Bears his huge load along the burning way;” and the reader can comprehend the fact that the people have followed hardworking to make their living. A reader cannot ignore a poet’s conscious efforts to glorify London city through its various characteristics. The ending part of the poem poet endows with the image of hot streets that sprinkled with water. It denotes the conscious effort to keep the city clean and healthy. Poet gives a structured image of London city in the great transition period. More than this material descriptions poet communicates her anxiety with the nature of the business. The shoppers of the street were forced to remove their goods off the pavements and keep behind huge glass windows. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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