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London - Essay Example

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The weather forecast is conducted by the London meteorological station. It is usually a 10 day forecast which is updated four times a day. The station forecasts the main weather…
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Extract of sample "London"

of London London is a located in the polar region that experiences cold temperatures throughout the day. The weather forecast is conducted by the London meteorological station. It is usually a 10 day forecast which is updated four times a day. The station forecasts the main weather elements which include detailed information about rain, sunshine intensity, snow, temperature and winds. The forecasts which extend for 10 days show information about morning, afternoon and overnight weather elements. Temperature extremes for all places in London tend to range from 38 degrees centigrade to below -16 degrees centigrade. However, temperatures below -20 degrees centigrade have been noted in the past one decade, but their accuracy is yet to be validated (Anderson, p. 27).
The city has a cluster of activities, ranging from streets to places of entertainment. It is also a city with numerous economic activities since it is considered as a manufacturing center with a good industrial network. People working in the city engage in both official and casual activities. Examples of those who engage in official activities include teachers, lawyers, doctor and bankers. On the other hand, the casual workers include craftsmen, builders and wood choppers (Burling, p. 207).
London has a rapidly growing population. The population has hit more than seven million over the past one decade. People are originating from all parts of the world to live in the city (Boulton, p. 105). They have come with different lifestyles and colorful festivals. That is why London is considered as a multicultural city since the Roman times. Currently, about a quarter of the city’s inhabitants are members of ethnic minorities. With the diverse culture of its inhabitants, London has a variety of dishes. These dishes include delicacies such as dosa deli, churros Garcia, grilling Greek and the orange buffalo (Lawley, p. 49).
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