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You Just Dont Understand by Deborah Tannen - Book Report/Review Example

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The book You Just Don’t Understand by Deborah Tannen deals with the behaviors, actions, reactions, and interactions amongst various groups of men and women. Consequently, this chapter explores some of the major hurdles that are faced by women not only in the corporate world but also in their personal lives because of gender discrimination…
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You Just Dont Understand by Deborah Tannen
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"You Just Dont Understand by Deborah Tannen"

Download file to see previous pages Resultantly such a brought up teaches them to be docile and it is a violation of norms if a woman is boastful of any special skills or of her success in any field of life because it is attributed as arrogant and rude. Women are observed to be extremely conscious about the manner in which they behave around other people because such a brought up develops an inferiority complex in them hence they consider themselves inferior to men. Moreover, this further makes them insecure as they think that they might hurt somebody else’s feelings by flaunting their achievements and hence they tend to avoid discussing their success. While on the other hand if a man boasts of his success it symbolizes his accomplishments and expertise in his particular field.
Another common problem that women face is that in this male-dominated society their opinion holds low or no value. Women are equally as intelligent as men however since they are expected to be subservient to their individual perspective has no importance. Even when they work as executives they have to keep in mind that their opinion will always be overruled by men and they can never take actions without the consent of their male colleagues as men have an upper hand in everything.
This chapter also explores the different interpretations of the body language and style of men and women. For example, if a man has the domineering personality it reflects his power and masculinity. While on the other hand if a woman adapts to a manly persona she is criticized for her lack of feminine demeanor. Another interesting fact that this chapter deals with is that it is a cliché that women should mold themselves according to the man’s will. A man is never expected to change his lifestyle or habits it is always a woman who has to tolerate as well as conform to a man’s wishes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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