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Red Badge of Courage - Book Report/Review Example

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CHAPTER 20 The 304th regiment and an approaching enemy are the main characters whose roles are exhibited in this chapter. Fundamentally, the two groups play the usual role of soldiers in a battle and that is, they engage each other in fierce battle. But this battle would be highly significant to the 304th regiment because of earlier incidence…
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Red Badge of Courage
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Download file to see previous pages The unknown justification battle was the most significant event that affected the story. Initially, the battle was a general one and had not reached the 304th regiment that badly. But with time, the group was met with the battle one on one. In a rather amassing manner, the group fights beyond their personal capabilities to ensure that the enemy group retreat. The whole scenery was as though the group had been prompted of the bad image that had been painted for them. So though the group had been described as weak, they manage to win the battle against the enemy group. Wilson and Henry bore the flag after the flag bearer had fallen. The flag finally came into the possession of Henry even before the 304th regiment was engaged in that fierce battle in which they won. The flag was a major object of symbol to Henry as a character. This is because by bearing the flag, he had more or less become a commander and leader of his regiment. So having heard the conversation that his regiment was useless, Henry played his commanding role so well to ensure that the thoughts about them were overturned. The lesson here is that with determination, it is possible to overturn the mentality of people about a person or a group. CHAPTER 21 The officer who called the men mule drivers resurfaces after the enemy could not stand the force of the 304th regiment and thus retreated. But the role the officer comes to play is not one that would please the 304th regiment in anyway. This is because he comes to ridicule them and insult them openly. The officer describes their battle as pitiful and actually describes them as mud diggers. Though acknowledging that the victory was good, the officer was just not pleased with the fact that the victory had to take so long in coming. The entire regiment was hearing of the officer’s accusations about them for the first time. This means that Henry and Wilson did not even have to tell the group about what they heard the officer say any longer. This is because they had heard a different form of that by themselves. But the communication between the officer and the regiment was an event that really affected the story. This is because the group came to terms with the fact that their regiment was simply not liked by the officer. The reason for this resolution is that the group knew for sure that they had done well. For another person to therefore come and insult their efforts meant that that person only had hatred for them. A thought that influenced Wilson and Henry so much as characters has to do with the fact that some members of the group had heard the same officer who described the 304th regiment as mud diggers praise Wilson and Henry as the best soldiers in that regiment. This gave the two beneficiaries a lot of inner joy and a moment of satisfaction. But did they have to show their pride when the other members had been accused wrongly? Henry and Wilson therefore pretended that they had not heard the good news at all. CHAPTER 22 A non-inspirational 304th regiment happens to be the major character in this chapter. The regiment had been faced with another battle, which they had to face squarely. At the beginning of the battle, Henry and Wilson were entering with a sense of pride over the commitments made about their abilities. Meanwhile, the entire group had a point to proof to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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