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This paper, Naturalistic Philosophy, highlights that naturalism stands for the idea that only natural things e. g beliefs and ideas should operate in the world. Naturalists also believe that natural laws are the responsible for the changes in the universe. It emphasizes the realistic aspect of existence. …
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Naturalistic Philosophy
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Download file to see previous pages Plot characters development showed the degree of control that man had over their destiny.
American realizes that the power of outside forces is what limited humanity’s freedom of choice, to them individuals had no choice since their lives dedicated to only hereditary and external environment. To naturalists, humanity was helpless and wholly dependent on nature’s favors. American naturalism got to its peak at around the beginning of the nineteenth century. Charles Darwin’s theory of phylogeny also played a great role. Malcolm Cowley states that years between the first and second world wars were a flourishing time for the American writers. American literature had attained a new maturity and an abundant diversity. Marked by the publication of several works? It was at this time that memorable works published though they were not up to standard an excellent number became influential and were later in time criticized. Most novels that were written around this time majorly based on the war that had just ended. It was only by means of civil war that the young country could achieve both unification and peace. Stephen Cranes, The Red Badge of Courage, illustrates an actual description of fighting in the civil war that ended up leading their country to victory.
Novels about the war have been the most reliable ways of writing about the war life. Some permeated with a lot of protests, therefore, they were named war books in general. In the history of America, war writings are considered to have taken a greater part of the portion when all books put together. It was around this time that Stephen Crane’s The Red Budge was written and published for the first time. Its location is the battlefield, Crane attempted to explain and draw the picture of what was happening during the war and in the lives of the soldiers.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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