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Red Badge of Courage and literary analysis - Essay Example

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Name Professor Other July 2011 Red Badge of Courage and Literary Analysis First of all, it is necessary to stress that Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane focuses the reader’s attention on the scenes of war. It also helps to understand the feelings and thoughts that occurred to the protagonist’s mind (Henry Fleming) when he takes part in battles with his regiment…
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Red Badge of Courage and literary analysis
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Download file to see previous pages When Henry was going to participate in the war, he was not aware of cruel battles and all the horrors of war. He has never seen killed people and much blood. Henry was dreaming just about victories and glory without thinking about difficulties that occur during war. The protagonist began to think about escape during the first battle, but he just could not leave his regiment. This fact is mentioned by Stephen Crane in the beginning of the book: “But he instantly saw that it would be impossible for him to escape from the regiment. It enclosed him. And there were iron laws of tradition and law on four sides. He was in moving box” (Crane 21). In the next paragraph of the same page the reader finds the information that Henry even had never wished to come to the war. The protagonist realizes that there is nothing more important than his own life. That is why he escapes from the second battle and joins the column of wounded soldiers. There is nothing strange in this fact as Henry faced all the challenges of war and understood that it is not for him to become known and respected through bloody battles. It should be noted that the ending of Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane demonstrates the reader quite a different person in comparison with that Henry which was depicted in the first chapters of the novel. Now he seems to be a courageous man, who knows how to behave at war and when different challenging situations take place in his life. He also knows how to react when there is blood and horror around him. To my mind, the conflict of the novel was properly resolved. There is nothing more important and valuable than man’s experience. Henry learnt to react to various difficult situations in a proper way. Moreover, he does not regret that he has made a lot of mistakes. He remembers them as something important, something that has helped him to become stronger and better. Now he is not afraid of difficulties on his way. He became brave and it is impossible to believe that once this person was afraid of making important decisions or following his regiment. Participation in war and a great number of various battles made Henry be confident and aware of the features of his character. The war taught him to face difficulties, understand better himself and people who surround him. The ending of the noel shows that Henry has participated in that war not in vain. This fact changed his life greatly. I am sure that nothing would have such enormous influence upon him in this way. Now it was a shame for Henry to leave the battle. It is seen from the following lines applied by the author in the last chapter of the novel: “The specter of reproach came to him. There loomed the dogging memory of the tattered soldier - he who, gored by bullets and faint for blood, had fretted concerning an imagined wound in another; he who had loaned his last of strength and intellect for the tall soldier; he who, blind with weariness and pain, had been deserted in the field” (139). I think that the conflict of any novel is resolved if the protagonist is changed as a personality at the end of the writing. This has happened to Henry in Fleming in Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane. The protagonist has not only changed himself but also makes the reader consider his/her weak points and keep on trying to search for better life. The Return of Martin Guerre was casted by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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