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This essay is focused on the analysis of an impressionist, naturalistic and realistic war novel by Stephen Crane "The red badge of courage". According to the essay, this novel encounters the happenings during the American Civil War…
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The red budge of courage

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Download file to see previous pages Fleming is undecided whether to continue waiting for the enemy and fight or run away. The major reason of his state is his mother's protest. His friend Conklin confirms to him that he would do the same thing if the other soldiers fled. Their enemy attacks them during the first battle forcing some of their soldiers to flee. Fleming flees too but got ashamed after hearing an announcement from the general denouncing their victory. He felt so ashamed that he decided to run into the nearest thicket. Apart from the decaying body, he stumbles into, he also meets wounded soldiers in the thicket. He felt even more ashamed when one of the wounded soldiers asked him where he was wounded. Having no wound he dodges the question and continue with his journey. He encounters retreating disarray soldiers who hit and wounds his head. Being tired, hungry, thirsty and now wounded, Fleming decided to go back to his campsite despite the shame. The wound acted as his savior for the other soldiers believed he was wounded during the battle. They took good care of him being the youngest and his escape never came to the limelight. His secret and cowardice left in the past, Fleming joined the battle for the third time. His capability was proven during this battle. His flag of red badge of courage rest assured him in his heart. He became surprised when he discovered that the commanding officer viewed his regiment to be having a lackluster reputation. The general therefore ordered them forward without sparing any other regiment. Their final battle was a fierce one. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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