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True Leadership 1. Leadership Experience To step out of your comfort zone and lead the people is the best job one could offer. As a simple worker, becoming a leader is not an easy work to do. Though chances are always there, there are different challenges in performing the tasks of a leader…
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Download file to see previous pages Thinking of being a leader is actually not a dream but only a sort idea that comes to mind. There was a time when self-control has been tested too much and leading the crowd is actually a must. There was this one project that has been given to the group. Equality is actually there and having a leader is not an obligation for the mentioned group. Everyone can speak, everyone can lead. However, when everyone is so busy with other stuff such as with their studies (Masters Studies) and family, the project has been forgotten. I took the courage to speak to them regarding our project though it feels a little bit overwhelming. Responsibilities are there however, thinking that I also belong to the group and the project is mine too gave me the courage to do it so. I was afraid of having no project to pass and so I stepped out and led my busy co-workers. Different tasks have been given to everyone so that they could focus and budget their own time more. Though I felt so nervous and worried of what they would say, I still did what I thought was best for all of us. The major concern I had in mind was if they would follow me or judge me instead. To tell more of the story, thanks to their support and understanding for the group’s need, everyone cooperated well enough making the project become a success. However, for me, the true success I received during that time is that, I took the courage to lead my co-workers and had good feedbacks from them. They told me that what I did is actually an act of true leadership. True leadership does not come from words but through actions. 2. Authentic and Effective Leader Authentic leadership is actually a way of leading people through conformation of an original one or act to produce essential features. A person cannot really imitate someone else however, he can learn from their experiences. I can say that being learned and inspired through the old stories of leadership is one of the good steps to strain toward proper leadership. The integrity, passion and dedication of past leaders could really help on becoming an effective leader. Actually, Pettinger (n.d.) discussed it to his note that to become an effective leader, one must be led by example, humble, with appreciation to co-workers, have a clear vision, avoids arguments, listens to other members, creates a positive atmosphere and some who does not take himself too much. Someone can be an effective leader without imitating others but only being inspired by their works or what they did. It is actually easy if the heart of serving and dedication to work is there. 3. Crucible Experience The crucible experience I ever had regarding leadership is just the same with what have been told above. It was when I got confused upon choosing what step to do for the better improvement of our group project. The challenge of speaking and giving tasks to a group without a leader was really not a good experience. It is actually shameful to give tasks to people (your co-workers) knowing that you have the same level of position in the group. It became a challenge if they would listen and follow or just ignore me though. However, with the thought I had in mind regarding the consequences of being the leader of the group for a while and the courage and perseverance of doing our work right, led me to achieve success and be a better individual, or I can say, a leader. My co-workers did their part and as a result, the project has become a success. 4. Self-awareness To improve ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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