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In this project I will be principally focusing to highlight the skills and expertise required for being an authentic leader. I will also try to emphasize the relations between the degree of self awareness and a successful authentic leader. …
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Managerial Leadership. The skills and expertise required for being an authentic leader
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Download file to see previous pages In order to evaluate my leadership potentials I have used primary research. After analyzing those data I do have a clear idea about myself and also evaluated the requirements within myself in order to become a successful authentic leader. Authentic Leaders: - Authentic leaders are the persons who actually know themselves and portray what they know about themselves from their heart. Some of the essential characteristics of an authentic leaders are they always speak the truth, leads from inside, courageous and ambitious (Holden Leadership center, n.d.). Introduction The purpose of the report is to critically evaluate my competence and efficacy as an Authentic Leader. The report will highlight the applications of the presented models within the lecture. Apart from this the report will also highlight on the Personal intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. The report will also portray the primary and secondary research conducted by me for the completion of the entire project. Report Aim and Objectives The report is principally focused to demonstrate the four factors such as authentic leadership, values, self awareness and motivation. ...
are indisputable in their purpose and recognize the purpose of their leadership as serving the customers, employees and investors and not the one related to self interest. Authentic leaders must perform their values constantly, balance their extrinsic and intrinsic motivations, build reliable relationships and operate with high levels of personal discipline and obedience. Therefore to become an efficient authentic leader self awareness is the most important factor. It comes from the understanding of the life stories of some eminent leaders and the impact of their crucibles and reflects on how their life stories and crucibles add to their motivations and their behavioural patterns. The leaders who do not take time their time out for introspection and manifestation of their life stories, crucibles and experiences are considered more susceptible towards being seduced. The seducing factors are external rewards such as authority, money, and recognition. The leaders may also feel the need to appear in such an ideal way so that other cannot confess any ill-activities and disclose their faults. In the process of becoming more self-aware, I have learned to find and accept my weak points, failures, and vulnerabilities, as like we appreciate our strengths and successes. While doing so, I gain compassion for myself and also tried to relate to the world around myself in authentic ways. This also allows me to release from the need to adopt pretences to astonish other people. This also helped in self understanding and what I am at an interior level. The report will also reveal how I learnt to reframe my failures and negative experiences into positive growth opportunities. Mindful leadership is a worldly idea which enables people to maintain effective leadership throughout their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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