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The Curvilinear Relation between Assertiveness and Leadership - Research Paper Example

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According to the research findings, the notion of leadership has been one of the most discussed concepts of conventional management principles. For decades, experts have been monitoring its dimensions and the changes occurring with regard to its explanations within organizational contexts…
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The Curvilinear Relation between Assertiveness and Leadership
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Extract of sample "The Curvilinear Relation between Assertiveness and Leadership"

Download file to see previous pages One of the reasons that can be assumed to have a significant influence upon the gap in deriving a suitable definition of leadership is the perplexity of its psychological stance and its dependency upon pre-described and rigidly framed theoretical concepts, models and theories. Various questions and debatable explanations of the concept can yet be observed as surrounding the phenomenon or process of leadership, which has, undoubtedly, emerged to be an inseparable and treasured division of modern-day organizational management. Stating precisely, the complexity in defining organizational leadership can be identified when concentrating on one question, i.e. ‘is organizational leadership a psychological game or a calculated approach based on framed theories and models’.
From the above explanation, it becomes quite apparent that there are fundamentally two perspectives through which organizational leadership has been defined and explained in various instances by different experts all around the world from developed western countries to the developing third world countries. The obtained conclusion from the varied researches and arguments depict that the dichotomies regarding the concept of leadership can either be explained as a processor as a phenomenon. For instance, when concentrating on the theories or models of organizational leadership, the conceptual explanations echo the concept to be a process based upon pre-determined assumptions, pre-examined rules and of course upon a structured framework. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Curvilinear Relation Between Assertiveness and Leadership Research Paper)
The Curvilinear Relation Between Assertiveness and Leadership Research Paper.
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