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Story of my leadership - Assignment Example

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From the leadership story, it is clear that idealized influence or what can also be called charisma is a key component of transformational leadership. These involves how a leader behaves and to what extent he is able to impart his convictions to his followers. A leader carrying…
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Story of my leadership
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Extract of sample "Story of my leadership"

Leadership story From the leadership story, it is clear that idealized influence or what can also be called charisma is a key component of transformational leadership. These involves how a leader behaves and to what extent he is able to impart his convictions to his followers. A leader carrying himself as a role model with strong capability to take a stand guided by values he strongly believes in becomes admirable. Secondly motivation becomes a key element in transformational leadership. A leader should be able to inspire his followers as they are guided towards a common purpose. He should be able to portray optimism even in the face of adversity.
This type of leadership advocates for what would be referred to us intellectual stimulation. Offering a room for creativity free from a lot of red tapes predisposes leader’s followers to a greater level of confidence. The followers are able to effectively connect with their leader without fear of any punitive measures against them. In this leadership model, a leader should be able to enhance positive change among his followers. It focuses on the personality of the leader instead of the actions of the same leader. To effect change and impart it among individuals requires a lot of assertiveness which is a must trait that a leader should posses if not learn.
Change may be costly to an organization if not handled in the right manner. It includes all aspects of change be it a positive change or negative change. Change involves transition and is complex in nature. Without extreme care, several factors are likely to go wrong and this is one major challenge to transformational leadership model. For change to be effective and minimize negative challenges that are most likely to occur, three dimensional aspects need to be adequately addressed. These include, inspiring and motivating those affected by change. This includes emotional motivation. Emerging factors in the post change phase and their impacts must adequately be addressed. Management of people’s actions that assist them in undertaking whatever is expected of them.
Burns, James. Transformational leadership. New York: Grove Press, 2004. Read More
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Story of My Leadership Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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