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The Move by America University to Ban Smoking - Case Study Example

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The following paper under the title 'The Move by America University to Ban Smoking' presents the raging debate on the smoking ban which is heated with proponents citing health issues, while the opponents basing their argument on business and rights to choice…
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The Move by America University to Ban Smoking
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Extract of sample "The Move by America University to Ban Smoking"

Download file to see previous pages Smoking is associated to harm secondary smokers than real smokers and this is the reason many nations including America have implemented bans on smoking as a move to protect non-smokers from the associated harms from smokers and also reduce the prevalence of smoking (John, pg35). This has greatly contributed to controlling public smoking. The smoking prevalence decreased to 18.9% up from 24.4% in adults with the age of 18-24 from the year 2005 to the year 2011, in accordance with a research Centre (CDC). The age group is now among the ones with the lowest prevalence in smoking of age below 65. It was six years back; the group was highest in the smoking number. In America, apart from burning smoking in some public places, the moves to control the preference of smoking have also flown into educational institutions that have banned smoking within their premises. In 2003, Ozarks technical college was the first to implement the smoke-free policy; notably, other institutions have followed suit
Currently, the number of colleges and universities that have the smoke free policy stands over 1200 collages. Due to this, University students in the country are forced to go off campus if they feel the need to smoke (Murphy, pg.99). However, some individuals think that the smoking ban causes some degree in infringement of their personal rights. This paper further discusses the validity of this statement about the smoking ban at America University.
Smoking is an individual s personal decision although it makes many happy that they won't meet unwanted smoke in the compound of the University of Florida. The ban on smoke was implemented in 2010 (Popular science, pg.47). There has not been any complaint to the admissions of the need to reinstate the move. The school provides services in tobacco cessation sessions for both employees and learners although it is not a necessity. The smoke-free policy has since assisted many students and staff quit the vice. According to the law of the state, students are allowed to smoke if they so wish. Therefore, it can be seen that the universities are trying to make the decision for students not to smoke. Different people, however, view this move in different ways.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Move by America University to Ban Smoking Case Study - 1.
(The Move by America University to Ban Smoking Case Study - 1)
The Move by America University to Ban Smoking Case Study - 1.
“The Move by America University to Ban Smoking Case Study - 1”.
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