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Bonnie and Clyde(Penn, 1967) - Essay Example

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[Author’s s name] Bonnie and Clyde The American movie Bonnie and Clyde was released in the year 1967. It was directed by Arthur Penn, the script written by David Newman, Robert Benton and Robert Towne (even though he is unaccredited)…
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Bonnie and Clyde(Penn, 1967)
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Bonnie and Clyde(Penn, 1967)

Download file to see previous pages... Bonnie and Clyde can be easily put under the genre of crime films. These are the movies that have a plot revolving around the life of a criminal. The character could be someone as real life as conceivable or someone so villainous that the viewer feels that he could not possibly be real. Then there are some which are based on the lives of actual felons. Often, films portray the life of criminals to be exciting and glorified, and this movie is one of those. It gives a glimpse of how life as a wanted person could be like, all the rush and adrenaline and yet the worry that must be constantly at the back of their mind of being caught even if they are arrogant and act otherwise. Such movies give the watcher an inside look to how a criminal’s mind could be like (Barsam and Monahan). The story is set during the times of the Great Depression when practically everyone was unemployed and money was short. In turn, these events resulted in a rise of criminal activity since the only way that the people could afford to put some food in their belly was by stealing the food. One of those persons was Clyde Barrow. It is whilst he is trying to steal a car when he meets Bonnie Parker, a waitress who is, surprisingly, the daughter of the owner of the very same car – “Hey boy, what you doin' with my Mama's car?” (Newman, Benton and Towne). However, instead of creating an outcry, she helps Clyde and they manage to run away in the car. That makes her first crime stealing her mother’s car but Bonnie has no regrets as she is quite excited and is looking forward to a new way of life. As Arthur Penn explains, “the American negro has the same kind of attitude of 'I have nothing more to lose' that was true during the Depression for Bonnie and Clyde.... He really is at the point of revolution -- it's rebellion, not riot” (Friedman 84) The duo start small, they go around gas stations and such. However, when their increasingly expensive lifestyle requires them to have more money, they raise the scales. They start robbing banks, figuratively spitting on authority that turned its back to them and so many others despite all their promises made in the past, even introducing themselves as “This here's Miss Bonnie Parker. I'm Clyde Barrow...We rob banks” (Newman, Benton and Towne). Throughout the movie, the viewer may notice the subtle way that the Robin Hood theme has been continuously showcased. The two are stealing money from those who shut themselves down and refused to lent money to the poor in their times of need. In fact, the banks collapse and with them sink all the money that the ordinary people had cashed in their accounts as savings for the future. There is also a scene during one of the robberies at the bank when a farmer who had dropped by is allowed to keep all his money with him. It is through these little gestures that they show that are just ordinary folk. They are two thieves stealing money and living their life as they want it to be despite the terrible times and all the uncertainty that the normal public are feeling. It is clear since the beginning of the movie that Bonnie and Clyde are instantly attracted towards each other. Romance taking place in the future is a definite yes. The pair have a fun time together, meeting people they like and dislike but enjoying life to the fullest. Still, it is not all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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the film’s director, claims that the film was inspired by the real life murders by Charles Starkweather and Caril Anne Fugate and that it was intended to scathe the media glamorization of violence and serial killers. Bonnie and Clyde (1967) is a film noir of two love birds cum
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