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Final Paper Assignment - Essay Example

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Natural Born Killers (1994) is a film about two mindless young lovers, Mickey and Mallory Knox, (Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis respectively); Mickey and Mallory blaze their way across the Southwest, killing people in their path while becoming famous criminals. Oliver Stone,…
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Final Paper Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Bonnie is played by Faye Dunaway, whereas Clyde is played by Warren Beatty. Though both films depict a storyline of two lovers who team up to do crime, the plot, message, violence levels, purpose, and the finale differ. Natural Born Killers and Bonnie and Clyde prove that the world is a society of media-crazed and celebrity obsessed people who glamorize crime and violence.
Arthur Penn, Bonnie and Clyde’s director, developed a plot that the people would love, a plot that would make the audience fall in love with Bonnie and Clyde; he made it look like society made Bonnie and Clyde the violent people that they were. On the other hand, Oliver Stone used Natural Born Killers to satirize the media’s obsession with mass murderers and serial killers, and the effect of this obsession on the public. There are various similarities and differences in how the two film noirs relay their message; however, in the end, it is evident that the media plays a central role in popularizing and helping the criminals by spreading polarizing ideas, following their every move, and helping them escape from prison.
Both movies are based on a romantic couple that sets out to do commit crime; Arthur Penn and Oliver Stone use their films to introduce the viewers to a world of necessary evil suing their two characters, in a way that Western films had never seen. The controversial film noirs introduce us to the characters of Clyde and Mickey as being the saviors of Bonnie and Mallory’s lives respectively. Bonnie and Mallory come from troubled pasts, and they are tired of the way they lead their lives. Bonnie is tired of life as a waitress, and Mallory is tired of living in an abusive home, therefore, meeting the carefree characters of Clyde and Mickey makes them fancy the life of freedom without restraint. Stone employs the aesthetic of black and white to describe the thoughts of Mickey and Mallory when they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Paper Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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