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The reporter stresses that he is applying for a chance to pursue a Graduate Diploma Course in Law, because the subject of law continues to fascinate him, even after completing his first degree of B.A (Hons) in Legal Studies from Westminster University…
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Chance to Pursue a Graduate Diploma Course in Law
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Download file to see previous pages Nonetheless, the international reputation of Westminster Law School attracts a variety of students and has a conducive environment for studying at postgraduate level. The University of Westminster also provides excellent working and recreational facilities for graduate students, thus demonstrates a commitment to the graduate student body. Additionally, the Westminster law school is located at the center of the West End of London, making it easily accessible by public transport. Moreover, every student has his or her own personal tutor that also provides career development. This makes the University of Westminster a center for innovation and academic excellence.
The reporter highlights that "I am a highly determined individual. I have a wide range of legal skills, which I learned in the program of B.A, Legal Studies. Therefore, I consider a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Law to be an advanced step. I have a great interest in many subject areas. However, I am more drawn to a Post Graduate law degree in order to convert my B.A in Legal Studies to a law qualifying degree.
The wide range of subjects that I have studied in my B.A course has helped me to become more open-minded. This has also made me a reliable and outgoing person with great enthusiasm and common sense, and I believe that these are some of the qualities, which I will need in order to pursue law successfully. My interests, among other things, including watching parliamentary legal debates, listening to music, reading, and writing. I also enjoy classical movies and meeting new people.
During my time at Westminster, I developed the skills of time management and teamwork through interaction with fellow students. This also gave me an opportunity to share ideas with my colleagues, and this influenced my academics positively. " ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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