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This paper is an analysis of the best college majors that guarantee the job after graduation. The author of the paper states that choosing a college major will be synonymous to choosing between agriculture, education, physics, and chemistry professions.   …
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College Majors that Guarantee a Job after Graduation
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While society recommends that people sought after education for reasons other than to make a living out of it, securing a job, and a well-paying one for that matter, is the main reason people go to school. With the current economic uncertainties rocking the world, one can only wish that the degree they decided to major in is one that most employers are demanding. To be able to raise the likelihoods of securing a job, there are several things that need one has to consider besides excelling in college studies, selecting a career path wisely. 
In today’s economy, those that pursue agriculture, mining, medicine, and teaching are the best place when it comes to getting a job. The article also adds that those who majored in physics or chemistry have very high chances of securing themselves jobs. For those who pursue either social science or architecture, the possibilities of getting a job are close to nil. Researchers at Georgetown University found out that the numbers of unemployed graduates with majors in education, nursing, and chemistry were at a minimum (Ehrenfreund 2015).
The recession is blamed for contributing to the high numbers of unemployed architects as it led to the collapse of construction and housing sectors(Ehrenfreund 2015). Social scientists often depend on governments and non-governmental organizations that, unfortunately, saw their profits plummet(Ehrenfreund 2015). Still, those who went to college, whether they pursued a social science or architecture, are more likely to get a job than those who did not go to college at all. The article states that about 18 percent of all youths with only a high school education were unemployed.   Read More
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