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Argument against Hiring and College-Admissions Quotas - Assignment Example

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This paper “Argument against Hiring and College-Admissions Quotas” will present an argument against airing and college-admissions quotas. Additionally, it will show that using racial quotas in admitting students in colleges and either hiring employees in an organization is intuitive and substantial…
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Argument against Hiring and College-Admissions Quotas
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Extract of sample "Argument against Hiring and College-Admissions Quotas"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, in a working environment, racial quotas aim to reduce the underrepresentation of a certain racial group of people, diminishing racial discrimination, and sometimes it acts as evidence of racism against the marginalized groups (Bond & Smith, 2012). 
Quotas are simply numerical requirements commonly applied when hiring an employee in a company, promoting someone within an education or working center, and/or graduating members of a specific racial cluster to another level (Gildenhuys, 2004). In some cases, it is seeable that some people discriminate against others mainly due to their racial complexity. This aspect hampers growth and interaction from many angles. For example, one may fail to enter a certain college simply because he or she comes from a certain minority group. Such an act promotes racial discrimination, which is an issue that the whole universe has been fighting for many decades (Gildenhuys, 2004). In hiring, quotas are a very significant factor to consider since they provide a basis for selecting and thereafter hiring individuals from every social, racial, and/or economic background (Mwakikagile, 2006).
Agreeably, some communities' color pigmentation fails to accord them certain privileges. Some colleges and organizations do not hire, admit, or promote people of a certain color such as the blacks or Indians (Lindsay & Justiz, 2004). Some cases of racial discrimination show that there are colleges where students of Indian or black decency do not get admission whereas there are some companies that cannot hire or promote such people. People from these minority groups may possess special abilities or knowledge that they can offer. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Argument against Hiring and College-Admissions Quotas Assignment, n.d.)
Argument against Hiring and College-Admissions Quotas Assignment.
(Argument Against Hiring and College-Admissions Quotas Assignment)
Argument Against Hiring and College-Admissions Quotas Assignment.
“Argument Against Hiring and College-Admissions Quotas Assignment”.
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