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Researched argument paper - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Information is transferred from one place to another by the use of various medium. News can be in writing, chromatic or acoustic. Written modes of communication include the newspapers, magazines journals among…
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Researched argument paper
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Download file to see previous pages News reporters are accredited for giving out information that is precise and informative to their audience. Most of the international newscasters usually practice a high standard information transfer. They usually respond to the situation and collect information very fast. If the evidence is credible, the regularly transmit them. Most of the national broadcasting also exercise eminence activity (Thoman and Jolls). There are however some who give out information without considering their effect to the society. Since they are there to collect money, the newscasters are always rejected by the society.
The channels play the function of popularizing the public opinion in the community (Ravi). The role has seen a growth of democracy in nations where the citizens dictates how they want to be governed. The media are thus expended as a device to give that information to the government. In a controlled rule of law countries, this role has greatly been declined since the government is the one that control the media.
The media have also played a role of playing politics mostly under the influence of money. Sometimes individuals who want to gain popularity in a certain community will resolve to hold the media in their backs in order to ascend. The tactic usually see to it that the media owners gain a lot of favours that include money in their account. They neglect their professional duty to give time and focus to the person.
The Sandy Hook school shooting is an example of how the media differently give the information to their audience. The shooting that happened on December, 2012 is extensively reported. The incident saw 26 people dead. Six of the fatalities were grownups and twenty children (CNN Edition). The culprit was reported to be Adam Lanza from the Newtown Connecticut.
Different media broadcasted the news one of them being the independent paper (Mosier). The author of the article interviews Will, who is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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