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Conspiracy Theories - Research Paper Example

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Name Class CONSPIRACY THEORY SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SHOOTING "Often after a violent event that leads to a dramatic shift in public opinion or government policy, conspiracy theories abound."(Thornton, Soon after the sad happening at the Sandy Hook Elementary School which is located in Newtown took place, CT, fringe who are conspiracy theorists have suggested after analyzing the entire scenario that the shooting turmoil that happened that day was a preplanned, scripted and dramatized act perhaps directed by the government to propagate an anti-gun campaign…
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Conspiracy Theories
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"Conspiracy Theories"

Download file to see previous pages .. but the unfortunate and the most distracting part is when the media starts to give such petty issues great coverage and significance which has not been to date done by any eminent politicians or commentators. Although the formal coverage that is ongoing to date has randomly sought to marginalize these attention seeking conspiracy-mongers, the problem arises when such false myths gain severe popularity. People start to believe them as undue publicity is done so as to increase their ratings. First conspiracy was when a man who was near the school hiding in the bushes was caught as a shooter but soon after it was evaluated that the he was a cop from the other town on a day off. Then a man who was running around was arrested later it was determined that it was Manfredonia looking for his six year old daughter. Then there was this other conspiracy whether Lanza used a short gun or an assault rifle which could not be determined as both are quite similar to each other. Another conspiracy was whether Ryan Lanza the actual killer instead of Adam Lanza who was the killer. Ryan was suspected as the killer but then it was reported that he was at his place during the shooting and his brother as they did not live together was carrying his old identity card. Another conspiracy was about Rosen whose house is near the school and the kids who ran there took refuge there. The conspiracy lies why he informed the police late although the reason might be that he did not believe the children till he verified the news. Emile Parker who was also a victim was because her resemblance with her sister who had pictures with the president. They mistook her for being her younger sister and charged conspiracies against her. Lastly there was this conspiracy that the parents of the children who lost their lives during the shooting seem to be very happy during interviews like they were paid actors working for the government. "In the aftermath of the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Conn., President Obama has moved to strengthen America's gun laws, and public opinion has swung significantly in support of stricter gun control." (The week magazine) The fire to this issue was enlightened when: CNN’s famous Anderson Cooper, for example, has given about two segments of his show to denounce James Tracy who is a professor at Florida Atlantic University. He has sought to question the alleged media reports intriguing about what precisely happened that day. Much staged coopers act is justified by the report that Tracy is working as a professor at a public university. According to him Tracy has been a tenured professor at a respectable university therefore he's paying heed to his judgment otherwise he would not have popularized such remarks. Tracy himself is still a very blur figure with no such importance and limelight. His filthy views do not even require much attention. Sadly, Tracy stroke when the iron was hot and taking advantage of the situation and grabbing the opportunity efficient denounced at theory in air. According to James Tracy, the shooting that had happened at the Sandy Hook School had a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Conspiracy Theories Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Conspiracy Theories Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Conspiracy Theories Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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The conspiracy theories of 9/11 as they pertain to the American government
...?Running Head: 9/11 CONSPIRACY The conspiracy theories of 9/11 as they pertain to the American government On September11, 2001, the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon, and quite possibly the White House were targeted for terrorist attacks that were defined by the use of airplanes as weapons of destructions through ramming them into these venues. The destruction was devastating, taking lives and changing the fabric of American life. There are those that believe that the American government was the actual perpetrator of these events, using them as a way to enter the Middle East under the drums of war. In an article by Michel Chossudovsky (2008), some of the inconsistencies that occurred are...
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The Middle East 9/11 Conspiracy Theories and the American Policy Change after 9/11
...The Middle East 9/11 Conspiracy Theories and the American Policy Change After 9/11 Introduction The 9-11 Conspiracy Theories The 9/11 conspiracy hypotheses are ideologies that oppose the widely acknowledged conviction that the 9/11 occurrence was solely an Al Qaeda’s undertaking. The advocated of these hypotheses assert the possibility of a prior, informed situation of the U.S administration’s agencies. In addition, these advocates assert that there were discrepancies in the formal conclusions or proof that was ignored. By 2008, worldwide survey of seventeen nations revealed that forty six percent of the recipients were of the notion that Al Qaeda was...
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The Assassination of John F. Kenny and the Conspiracy Theories Behind his Murder
...the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the four winds” (Molina, Gabriel). The US government had faced widespread embarrassment due to its failed invasion in Cuba and thus Kennedy soon placed distrust on the CIA blaming them for the reason for the results. The CIA was involved with the assassinations of a number of foreign leaders during Kennedy’s period including that of President Diem of Vietnam (Prados, John 2003). All these conspiracies have stemmed from local matters even though they went on to become international matters. They have been referred to as total conspiracy theories as well according to which all the events leading to and in the aftermath of the entire...
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Fallacies and conspiracy theories, Roswell UFO incident
...Fallacies and Conspiracy Theories, Roswell UFO Incident One of the fallacies used to support the legality or the occurrence of the Roswell conspiracy lies in the modern technologies that are believed to have come into place before their time. As such, it is believed that the incident occurred and that there were massive efforts to cover it up. Based on the new technologies that came into place before they were due to be discovered a long time later, but not during the time in which they were discovered, as well as the time after. This is because there has been a massive boom in recent years, and especially recent decade, of technological advancements that do not have a basis of origin,...
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The Epistmology of Conspiracy Theories
...Conspiracy Theories A conspiracy is a hidden plan by an individual or group of people to act or do something that is harmful or unlawful. The individual or group of people usually do such harmful acts for their own benefits but hide them in such a way that the public cannot understand. In other cases, the individual spoils a good event for their own gain but at the end no one notices. The person, whose event is spoilt, takes the negative event as an accident but in actual sense it was planned without his or her notice (Keeley 2). There are various events that have happened in the world and which the truth of the matter about them has never been known. What exists about such events is...
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The Epistemology of Conspiracy Theories
...The Epistemology of Conspiracy Theories In his essay titled 'Of conspiracy theories', the author Brian Keeley discusses certain epistemological issues pertaining to conspiracy theories. He argues that there are certain features that are shared by most conspiracy theories, which make them irrational to accept. He defines a conspiracy theory as “a proposed explanation of some historical event (or events) in terms of the significant causal agency of a relatively small group of persons the conspirators acting in secret.” This definition assumes that the proposed explanation...
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Social and Psychological Theories in the depiction of the Wannsee meeting in the film Conspiracy
...Social and Psychological Theories in the depiction of the Wannsee meeting in the film "Conspiracy" The film "Conspiracy" is a reenactment of the meeting at the Grossen-Wannsee suburb of more than a dozen high-ranking Nazi officials wherein the execution of the so-called "Final Solution", the eradication of Jews, was discussed. It presents a haunting portrayal of the events that transpired as recorded in the real-life "Wannsee Protokoll" written by Adolf Eichmann, the only surviving document validating the part that the Nazi played in the extermination of Jews. The film shows the officials nonchalantly discussing mass-murder over lunch, as if on a boardroom meeting of some company, only...
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Criminal Conspiracy
...Topic: Criminal Conspiracy Criminal conspiracy in historical common law The seditious conspiracy statute makes it a crime to conspire with another person to destroy by force the government of the United States. The main purpose of the statute is to avoid any instances of urban terrorism and make government property and officials safe (Tomlins & King, 1992). There have been other conspiracy cases and the most recent of the conspiracies is the conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to corrupt public morals and the conspiracy to outrage public decency; statutory conspiracy entails any agreement...
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Conspiracy Theories
...Conspiracy Theories Nyan Reifler The main determiner of the success or failure of any health care policy is public opinion which often influenced with misinformation. Misperceptions negatively influence health care reform as well as other controversial health issues. The research attempted to establish if false beliefs that Affordable care Act is able to result in death panels through very aggressive media fact-checking. The study found that corrective information is able to reduce misinformation regarding health policy for some groups. The corrective information reduced strong opposition to reform bill and beliefs in death panel among low-knowledge respondents. However, it failed among high-knowledge...
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The Acceptance of the Conspiracy Theories
...Conspiracy Theory Uscinski, Klofstad and Atkinson explore the reasons why people accept conspiracy theories by focusing on information cues in their article “What Drives Conspiratorial Beliefs?” With the knowledge of conventional opinion formation, the authors set to explore why individuals hold conspiratorial beliefs. They begin the article by conducting a survey to justify that a disposition exists, which drive people to believe conspiratorial theories. The authors open their article by claiming that conspiracy theories are not only common in America, but also Americans highly believe them. The authors then proceed to explain the meaning of conspiracy theory. They define conspiratorial belief as strong conspiratorial belief... of an...
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