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The Role of Risk Management in a Business Operation - Essay Example

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The essay "The Role of Risk Management in a Business Operation" states that the organization where a disaster arose was Sandy Hook Elementary School through the fatal shootings that allegedly killed 26 people: 20 students and 6 adults in 2012 (Sandy Hook shooting: What happened? 2012)…
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The Role of Risk Management in a Business Operation
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Extract of sample "The Role of Risk Management in a Business Operation"

Roles and responsibilities that may be mandated during federally declared disasters may not apply in an event like the shooting at Sandy Hook” (par. 1).
If a disaster plan was in place, it would have significantly averted or prevented the fatal shooting. In the first place, the entry point should have been made more secure. As noted from a news report and cited by Governor Malloy: “the gunman used "an assault weapon" to ‘literally (shoot) an entrance into the building’” (Sandy Hook shooting: What happened? 2012, p. 1). From here on, no emergency plans were evidently applied since the perpetuator was able to enter freely and had inflicted fatal shots successively, prior to taking his own life. Although reporting to the authorities has also been revealed, it was apparent that despite the immediate and urgent response, the casualties had already been made. In just a matter of fewer than five minutes, a lot of lives have been lost. A plan could have made the children and adults more protected and secured; it would have enabled the exercise of appropriate response that prevented the entry and prevented the loss of lives of these unsuspectingly young and helpless victims. Read More
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