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Risk Management / Organisational Risk - Research Paper Example

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can be recognised as one of the largest and leading global chain of convenience stores, which was established in the year 1927 in Dallas, Texas. Presently, this organisation can also be regarded as one of the major operators, which performs its global operations…
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Risk Management / Organisational Risk
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Extract of sample "Risk Management / Organisational Risk"

Download file to see previous pages ant leaders in the soft drink segment and is notably considered as a major player which extensively sales its commercial brands within the global market. The product portfolio of 7-Eleven significantly involves different types of beverage items including soft drinks such as ‘Slurpee’ which had been introduced by 7-Eleven during the year 1967 and in the year 1980 ‘Big Gulp’ was launched which is one of the major products of the organisation. Moreover, 7-Eleven also owns subsidiaries in order to operate different food items as well as other necessary services that include prepared foods, sandwiches, coffee, different dairy products and gasoline among others (7-Eleven, Inc., 2012).
The business strategy of 7-Eleven makes use of a superior model which endeavours at the utilisation of both of its internal and external resources. The organisation focuses on providing healthy rewards to its valuable investors and it also ensures to provide a wide range of opportunities to its employees, business partners as well as communities for their potential growth. However, the increasing pace of the global fast-food and beverage industry can be considered as a major risk factor for 7-Eleven in order to significantly operate its convenience retail operations. Moreover, the complexity and issues related to interdependency in the modern business scenario can also be considered as a major organisational risk in the global convenience stores segment. Based on these global risk aspects in the challenging business environment, this paper intends to discuss the concept of organisational risks and possible challenges that are faced by 7-Eleven in the global business exposure. Moreover, the discussion will also cover the areas concerning contemporary security issues faced by 7-Eleven along with developing effective responses in order to mitigate such challenges. In addition, the paper will also demonstrate appropriate management strategies for 7-Eleven in order to effectively deal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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