Madison Man Indicted for Possessing Guns despite Prior Mental Commitment - Article Example

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 The article “Madison Man Indicted for Possessing Guns despite Prior Mental Commitment” discusses the information the indictment for a man, James Wann Vaughan, 69 years old, for having allegedly purchased a firearm after erroneously providing false information in the ATF form.  …
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Madison Man Indicted for Possessing Guns despite Prior Mental Commitment
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Extract of sample "Madison Man Indicted for Possessing Guns despite Prior Mental Commitment"

Madison Man Indicted for Possessing Guns despite Prior Mental Commitment
1. Summary of the Article
The article entitled “Madison Man Indicted for Possessing Guns despite Prior Mental Commitment” was published online in the news portion of the United States Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Alabama. The information contained therein disclosed the indictment for a man, James Wann Vaughan, 69 years old, for having allegedly purchased a firearm after erroneously providing false information in the ATF form. It was noted that Vaughan made a false statement regarding nondisclosure of the accurate information pertaining to his previous confinement in a mental institution. As emphasized by U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance, it is unlawful for a person who had previous historical mental illness to purchase firearms; and equally illegal to lie through disclosing erroneous and fallacious information in the ATF forms. The article likewise revealed that Vaughan possessed a total of 18 firearms. For the offenses, if found guilty, Vaughan could be subjected to 10 years in prison with a fine of $250,000 for the offense of purchasing firearms after being found mentally unstable; and be penalized for five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for allegedly providing false statements to the firearms dealer [Mad13].
2. Who or what was the person/target population or the main event(s) being discussed in the article (you may have to do additional research of the topic)?
The person being discussed in the article was James Wann Vaughan, who was reported to be 69 years of age, born in 1943 and lives in Madison (Madison Man Indicted for Possessing Guns Despite Prior Mental Commitment, 2013, par. 5). Likewise, when he filled in the ATF form, as required of people purchasing firearms, it was disclosed that he provided false statements after alledging that he was born in 1942 and that he lives in Scottsboro. The confounding predicament was that he was found to have been previously confined in a mental institution, therefore making him unfit to possess and purchase firearms, since he is a grave hazard to the society.
3. What impact will the information/event in the article affect the healthcare organization, healthcare profession or community improve its operation, services, standard of care, compliance, or code of ethics and/or sense of awareness?

4. Does the article show or suggest a need for new standards that will help/enhance the medical environment or healthcare professional? Is there any current legislation already in practice or in debate surrounding this issue? If so what is it?

5. What were your personal feelings about the circumstances within the article?

Mad13: , (Madison Man Indicted for Possessing Guns Despite Prior Mental Commitment, 2013), Read More
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