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Jimmy Lee Grays Trial and Execution Process - Case Study Example

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This case study describes Jimmy Lee Gray’s trial and execution process. This paper outlines the US history on capital death, political issues and their consequences,  execution of Jimmy Lee, and aspects against capital punishment…
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Jimmy Lee Grays Trial and Execution Process
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Extract of sample "Jimmy Lee Grays Trial and Execution Process"

Download file to see previous pages According to Jimmy lee Gray v Eddie Lucas, Waden et al [1982], Jimmy had been the last person seen with Nerissa Jean (the deceased girl), and claimed that he had taken the girl for a ride in the country before he stopped the car they used on the road to molest the child when she wandered away from the car only to fall into a shallow ditch filled with water; Gray admitted to having pulled her from the ditch unconscious, put her into the vehicle trunk and thrown her into the waters from the bridge over Black Creek on his way back to Pascagoula. First was the offense of the child’s disappearance from her parents’ apartment in Pascaugola, which involved an offense of kidnapping, then molesting the girl child by touching her virginal parts before she tried to move away from him in the car, and finally charged with the murder of the three-year-old, Nerissa.
Nerissa's incident took place while Jimmy lee was on parole from Arizona prison for killing his sixteen-year-old girlfriend (Ingle, 2008, p.95). Although it is a case that people always want to judge from an emotional point of view, there was discovered evidence, which showed that Nerissa had been choked with her panties that had been pushed with a stick into her throat, as well as raped and sodomized, before being suffocated in a muddy ditch and thrown in the stream (, 2008). After his arrest for the murder of Nerissa, he was prosecuted by the grand jury of Jackson County in Mississippi, whose verdict for the horrible crime after the heated trial was a death sentence. His appeal against the decision of the court was futile since the prior verdict was upheld. According to Jimmy lee Gray v Eddie Lucas and the State of Mississippi [1983], on appeal, the Mississippi Supreme Court repealed his conviction and provided him with an opportunity for a new trial; the retrial was unsuccessful since his petition was denied, and again convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death, hence affirming the previous verdict and punishment.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Jimmy Lee Grays Trial and Execution Process Case Study.
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