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Preforming a Narrative criticism on Jimmy Valvano's speech - Essay Example

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From a personal basis, the speech is emotionally touching, taking into consideration the fact that Jimmy is suffering from cancerous tumors and was likely to lose his life after a certain period of…
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Preforming a Narrative criticism on Jimmy Valvanos speech
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Download file to see previous pages As Jimmy addresses his audience, he gives various accounts of his life as a youth; he narrates what he learnt when he began coaching at 21 years old, how he managed to motivate his youthful team. Additionally, he provides a story of how Coach Lombardi used to motivate his team. This is an imperative aspect of not only a speech, but any other forms of literary works. The use of flashback is imperative in any aspect of literary work owing to the fact that it does not simply enhanced the quality of the work to make it entertaining, but also portray an essence of a deeper meaning (Powell, 7).
The use of imagery is not directly applied by Jimmy Valvano in his speech, but rather exhibited in the manner he attempts to subject his audience into certain aspects of imagination. The first incident of imagery in the speech occurs when he narrates to the audience how Coach Lombardi used to keep his players waiting, only to show up in the last few minutes in their locker rooms, banging the door as he moves back and forth. Additionally, the use of imagery is evident, as Jimmy attempts to subject his audience into imagination by describing how he hurt his hand, while trying to imitate Coach Lombardi. The use of imagery as a figure of speech has been associated with certain positive attributes; to begin with, imagery in any form of literary works enhanced the manner by, which these literary works appeals to human senses, thus enhancing their understanding on the literary work presented (Powell, 8). Additionally, the application of imagery as a figure of speech is crucial for placing emphasis on what is being narrated; thus creating some sense of validity of the information as well as an enhanced understanding among the audience (Powell, 9).
Hyperbole is a rhetoric use of language; it simply means the use of language to exhibit exaggerations. At the beginning of the speech, Jimmy applies an essence of hyperbole by saying, “I can’t ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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