Scientific Management and Human Relations Model in Criminal Justice - Research Paper Example

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This paper “Scientific Management and Human Relations Model in Criminal Justice” attempts to understand this work environment, undertake a review of relevant literature and research work carried out in this direction and present some solutions, for consideration…
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Scientific Management and Human Relations Model in Criminal Justice
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Download file to see previous pages Smart work through standardization, productivity, and division of labor enabled achievement of higher efficiency and thereby revolutionized industry which until then, had resorted to more and more of human effort and cost for improved productivity. In its essence.
In the human services domain, the principles of Taylor, such as time and motion study, work fragmentation and close supervision, have found widespread application.
Criminal justice too, especially in police work, has drawn heavily from the Taylor philosophy for work design, automobile-based patrol, traffic monitoring etc.
Gantt (1913) designed a task and bonus wage payment system and the Gantt charts are popular, the world over, even to this day. Towill (2009) studied the fatigue and motion studies of the Gilbreths (1868-1972) in relation to the elimination of wasteful movements in a task.
However, Scientific Management, too, was not without its critics. The removal of the human and behavioral components in a task attracted stiff resistance from leaders who did not want to subjugate themselves to rules and their preference for traditional management and leadership practices. Workers, too, did not see this new work ethic, as a panacea to all their organizational problems.
More important to the criminal justice agencies in the present day phenomenon of educated workers. This has led to micro-specialization in police work. Union power also influences the police work environment to a high degree.
The Human Relations School was conceived by Mayo, who was a staunch believer in the humane nature of workers. He argued that workers could not be driven by financial gain alone and that their social needs must also be redressed, for them to be happy and more productive. Managers were advised to show a greater interest in their subordinates and advocated that workers be treated well.
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