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Special Needs in Forensic Mental Health - Case Study Example

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The paper "Special Needs in Forensic Mental Health" discusses that we have many youngsters around us who often fall a victim to irregular, uncontrolled lifestyle and resort to destructive processes. No civilized society can allow this to be set as a trend…
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Special Needs in Forensic Mental Health
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Extract of sample "Special Needs in Forensic Mental Health"

Download file to see previous pages Advanced researches in Forensic Mental Health can formulate innovative techniques in the sphere of Juvenile Justice and considerably help society in general. The youngsters from the very foundation of a county’s human wealth and no society must tolerate if the integrity of this human wealth is threatened. Studies in Forensic Mental Health can help us to decide how a society can fight the menace of juvenile delinquency and surge ahead towards a better future.
In the majority of the cases of lawbreaking by a teenager, the mental health concerns of the adolescent lawbreaker have been thought-provoking. The case under investigation can be considered as a similar case of juvenile crime, where a fourteen-year-old boy has attempted a robbery. A detailed analysis of the case is likely to reveal deep-rooted mental crises and related behavioural problems in regards to the adolescent lawbreaker. Moreover, the issues related to this case study can be generalised and utilised for extended research.
The first, third, and fourth points are particularly alarming and serious indications. Jamie was previously good in studies during his primary classes and now his performance in the secondary school is deteriorating. This is a case of “falling grades”, which is again a serious indication (Dowshen, S., 2007). Moreover, Jamie’s parents do not have a good, loving relationship among themselves, which urges the case writer to assort the case under the category of increased risk due to parental problems (Alexander, J., 2002). Finally, repeated involvement in “destructive processes” like substance abuse and crime establishes the grave issue of juvenile delinquency in Jamie’s case.
In a nutshell, Jamie’s case cannot be marked as a development dotted with isolated events. Rather, there are now serious problems in his behavioural pattern. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Special Needs in Forensic Mental Health Case Study.
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Special Needs in Forensic Mental Health Case Study.
“Special Needs in Forensic Mental Health Case Study”.
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