UV Light: Patterns in Nature - Research Paper Example

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The ultraviolet light has several benefits which if utilized appropriately might prove to be of great benefit. These radiations can cause immense benefit in many fields causing greater room for advancement and progress…
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UV Light: Patterns in Nature
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"UV Light: Patterns in Nature"

UV Light: Patterns in Nature

Ultraviolet light commonly referred to as UV light is a form of an electromagnetic radiation not visible to the human eye because of a shorter wavelength as compared to the light visible to humans. Sunlight also contains UV light and is a good source of Vitamin D. It also kills the harmful microorganism's present because of its disinfectant properties. The disadvantage of excessive sunlight consumption is that it can cause sunburn and other skin related diseases. Ultraviolet light has many uses in general which would be further discussed throughout the essay. It can help the light bulbs to use the radiation as a source of energy and hence illuminate the environment. This paper would highlight the possible uses of Ultraviolet light with accordance to the needs in the world today. The word ultraviolet stands for 'beyond violet'. In the spectrum of light which is visible, the wavelength of light tends to decrease whereas the energy that is present in the electromagnetic waves keeps on increasing. The range starts from red and changes from orange, yellow, green, blue to violet eventually. Therefore, UV light is shorter in wavelength and possesses more energy than violet radiation waves. Usually UV light is measured in nanometers. The range defined for ultraviolet is between 10nm to 400nm. The characterization of ultraviolet light can be from UV-A, UV-B or UV-C depending on how the wavelength is decreasing. Another way to classify ultraviolet light when it comes to astronomy is by characterizing through 'near, middle, far and extreme.' (Bolton & Cotton 12). Ultraviolent light has many benefits for example the UV light present in the sunlight can produce vitamin D which is essential for human growth and prevents from many harmful diseases like cancer, heart diseases, rickets etc.. The UV light present in the sun activates a chemical in our body that eventually forms the vitamin. It is observed that an excessive absorption of sunlight can cause skin diseases and sunburn. "Ultraviolet light has been used for centuries to treat a myriad of health and skin problems in the form of natural sunlight or more recently by artificial UV generated sources." (Baranoski, 154) Another purpose of ultraviolet waves is that it is used in the restoration of artwork. Ultraviolet waves help in restoration of art and therefore while buying, framing, selling or praising an artwork, knowledge of its prior restoration is necessary. It is here that the role of Ultraviolet lights can be put to use and decide upon whether the artwork is a masterpiece or not. The restorer can judge the damages that are present in the artwork by using UV light. This can help the dealers as well as the buyer to judge the actual value of the work they are about to buy or sell. Initially done restoration can be judged by the help of an ultraviolet lamp (Bazley 185). When in a dark room the artwork is exposed to ultraviolet waves travelling at a rate of 365nm it shows the changes that have been made to it. The changes detected can be the repainting, repairing and also the signature that is floating on the artwork which is not usually visible through naked eye. When the UV light is transmitted at such a wavelength then most of the materials take in the UV energies present and transmit these energies into light that is visible to the human eye and can be then easily distinguished. It should be noted here that the light is not reflected but is emitted. At times it is seen that these rays are absorbed without causing any emission making the portion to appear quite dark as compared to the fluorescent portion. Therefore this makes it feasible for inspecting any form of Read More
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“UV Light: Patterns in Nature Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/systems-science/1473213-uv-light-patterns-in-nature.
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