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Ethics in Counseling - Essay Example

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Rather as indicated, it is hindrance that needs to be eliminated through the therapist’s resolution of his or her problems and conflicts, and it…
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Ethics in Counseling
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Extract of sample "Ethics in Counseling"

Download file to see previous pages In certain cases emotions take precedence over intellect, when it is difficult to do justice to do duty as per the prescribed norms of the profession.
Harmonious blending of emotions and intellect is one way to tackle countertransference but it is difficult to achieve that level. Here is the opportunity for the therapist, to learn something new from every session of interaction with the patient. Presenting a clear and concise compendium on countertransference, Gelso and Hayes (2007) mention, “This book is about the inner world of the psychotherapist, and how that comes into play and is enacted within the psychotherapy relationship.” (p. ix). Their arguments help to raise the awareness about countertransference and how it is the valid aspect of the treatment. It is present in all forms of therapy, and it varies in degrees depending upon the nature and duration of the treatment. In the broad environment in which a clinician functions countertransference is an all-pervading phenomenon. Its presence in therapeutic relationships is also strong. It is as well encountered in the branches of forensic, hospital psychiatric settings, pharmacotherapy and consultation-liaison. Countertransference leaves the transformational effect on the therapist. Irwin Hirsch (2008) elucidates, “I have become much more tolerant person in the context of meeting individuals toward whom I feel an initial distaste, getting to know them beyond their character armor and developing strong feelings of affection.”( p. x)If treatment is done with emotional reaction to the patient, the results are not going to be accurate. The analyst’s unresolved issues and prejudices will have the detrimental effect in arriving at right type of diagnosis and conclusions and act as hurdles to the treatment. To establish universal rules for countertransference from which deductions can be made, is impossibility.
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Ethics in Counseling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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