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Post-Staff Reduction Plan - Essay Example

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Coping with the stress of layoff and unemployment which the manger of any security facility has to face is one of the most sensitive assignments in any organization. The manager has to challenge the dual responsibility of negative effects on the existing staff, and draw plans to…
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Post-Staff Reduction Plan
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"Post-Staff Reduction Plan"

Download file to see previous pages But the security perspective of the installation will not change in any way (No reduction of the size of the building or installation is possible).My line of action to cope up with the unpleasant responsibilities will be by adopting the following strategies:
1. Generally, reduction in the staff strength will be on the basis of seniority, by applying the procedure of ‘last in first out’ method. In the present case, I will follow this method strictly, to remove any apprehensions in the minds of the staff. If any other member of the staff has to be removed on out of turn basis that will be by adopting the normal disciplinary proceedings and on the basis of the findings of the departmental enquiry. Reduction in staff on any count will be an unwelcome change, but I will face the situation with a positive attitude by orally assuring the staff that the impending retrenchment will be hopefully be a temporary phenomenon, and as soon as the budget constraints are improved they can look forward for a favorable response from the management. I will be guided by this principle: “Your behavior and attitude are critical elements in steering the group successfully through the transition. A positive attitude does not imply that you should deny the difficult and unfortunate aspects of what might be happening.” (www.ucdmc.) The staff shall be in a state of anxiety. As such I will keep the doors of communication open, and deal with them with utmost patience.
3. I will impress upon the staff, that there is nothing wrong with the management of the company, the top management is responsible and ever eager to mitigate the difficulties of the employees facing retrenchment, but the bad shape of the economy and the market forces are responsible for the present state of affairs. I shall try my best to normalize the reactions of the employees and assure them of all lay-off benefits which will be settled within the quickest possible time.
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Post-Staff Reduction Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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