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In several instances, the states have their independent bylaws governing their operations independent of other states. However, the US as a nation has…
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The Commerce Clause
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The Commerce Clause Every in America operates autonomously with their government systems not entirely answerable to the federal government. In several instances, the states have their independent bylaws governing their operations independent of other states. However, the US as a nation has constitutional provisions that regulate socio-economic, political, and legal perspectives of its states. Furthermore, in several instances, states enact laws in line with the national constitution; some of the laws, however, conflict sharply with the provisions of the constitution.
Georgia is no difference from other states pursuing conflicting laws to those of the federal government. The state’s statute establishes that all trucks and trailers that are entering and operating within the state’s soil and roads must have contoured rear-fender mudguards and explicitly illegalizes trucks and trailers using straight mudguards. In so doing, the Georgian state government deliberately barred and interfered with trade and commerce across states by enacting a law legalizing unstandardized truck mudguards. The state contravened Artic 1, Section 8 of the American constitution that gave congress authority to regulate commerce and trade with foreign nations and between states (TA 102). When Georgia singles itself out to have its legal recommendation for trucks and trailers’ mudguards, it becomes as situation of business and commerce seclusion from other states.
Georgia also contravened the legal tradition established and held by the Supreme Court in 1824 that the American government possesses the legal authority to regulate commerce if other states are substantially affected, as well. Georgia sought to single itself out at the expense of other states. However, there was a possibility of the impacts rebound back to t in 1824, that and trailers unstandardized 0000000000000000000000000000000Georgia in the case of trade and commercial excommunication and alienation.
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TA, Richard. Professional Business Law Essays. New York, NY: Richard TA, 2014. Print. Read More
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The Commerce Clause Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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