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Preventing Fraud, Waste, and abuse Simulation - Essay Example

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In the essay “Preventing Fraud, Waste, and abuse Simulation” the author describes simulation as a technique that replaces or can magnify the actual experiences that bring to mind or replicate considerable aspects of the real world in a total interactive manner…
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Preventing Fraud, Waste, and abuse Simulation
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Download file to see previous pages The outcome of a simulation is difficult to determine especially in terms of benefits and the cost since most of the ocassio0ns that call for its applications are very challenging and may involve a long-term use. A range of motivating forces and execution machinery can be expected to push simulation forward, together with professional societies, legal responsibility insurers, medical care payers, and in due course the general public. The prospects of simulation in healthcare fully rely on the dedication and resourcefulness of the healthcare simulation community to see that enhanced patient well-being by means of this instrument becomes a reality.
With the increased federal and state government expenditure on health care each year, the concerns of fraud and abuse also increase. A lot of money has been lost to fraud and abuse allegations with CMS estimating about 15 to 25 US dollars per year in Medicaid fraud and close to 1.1 US dollars were recovered in 2005 in false health care claims. It is with this in mind that all pharmacies have been called upon to safeguard any possible abuse, fraud, and waste. It is the obligation of any company to protect itself against fraud, abuse, and waste and try to eliminate it completely. Several companies have put in place some policies and procedures that are used to fight fraud, abuse, and waste. It’s the obligation of every employee of an organization to put a stop to fraud, abuse, and waste, failure to do so may result in the following;
For individual involvement in either of the scandals, the repercussions include disciplinary actions that may even call for job termination. It is, therefore, necessary that everybody in the company is conversant with the knowledge of fraud which include how to identify fraud and abuse, prevention, and reporting of abuse and fraud. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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