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Proposal (E-waste Dumping & The Rule of Law in the 'Computer Village' Lagos - Nigeria. Synergizing Enforcement Process - Research Paper Example

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Research proposal (E-waste dumping & the rule of Law in the 'computer Village' Lagos- Nigeria. 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background to the study The saying that the world is a global village has become one of the commonest sayings with people of all ages and class today…
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Research Proposal (E-waste Dumping & The Rule of Law in the Computer Village Lagos - Nigeria. Synergizing Enforcement Process
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Extract of sample "Proposal (E-waste Dumping & The Rule of Law in the 'Computer Village' Lagos - Nigeria. Synergizing Enforcement Process"

Download file to see previous pages It is not for nothing that people stay in one continent and make purchases of goods from other continents without personally meeting the seller. Again, it is not for nothing that someone sits in the comfort of his home in Lagos and watch live soccer matches from the Stanford Bridge in London. All these processes are made possible by the pivoting power of technology. Technology may therefore be generally regarded as a good thing and the growth of it thereof (Koduah, 2003). However, it becomes worrying when technology and for that matter, globalization will not grow through the right approach. It is very important to appreciate the fact that any phenomenon; including globalization and technological advancement may be regarded as good but if it is implemented through a poor approach, the real essence of the phenomenon becomes defeated. 1.2 Statement of the Problem According to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, the recent economic meltdown will “widen global inequality and plunge more of the African population into poverty” (Trevor, 2009). ...
This situation is descried as electronic waste dumping (Cal Recycle, 2005). E-waste is generally argued to be an unfair way that the Western world is trying to bridge the gap in technological advancement that exists in Nigeria. Due to this, there have been calls and concerns from International, regional and local institutional environmental laws that guarantee public right to habitual health for critical scrutiny into the issue of e-waste dumping in Lagos. 1.3 Research Aims 1. To explain from a theoretical perspective what electronic waste dumping means. 2. To critically assess how rule of law in Lagos promotes or opposes electronic waste dumping in Lagos. 3. To identify specific enforcement processes in International, regional and local institutional environmental laws that guarantee public right to habitual health that are being abused as a result of electronic waste dumping in Lagos. 4. To give the root causes of electronic waste dumping in Lagos and by extension, Africa. 5. To forecast what the eventual effects of electronic waste dumping would be for Africa and Lagos to be specific if the practice is made to continue. 1.4 Research Questions 1. What is the history behind electronic waste dumping in Lagos? 2. What factors have promoted the continuous existence of electronic waste dumping in Lagos? 3. What is the position of rule of law in opposing or promoting the electronic waste dumping cycle in Lagos? 4. How can international, regional and local agencies be instrumental in addressing the issue of electronic waste dumping in Lagos? 5. Does the continuous practice of electronic waste dumping have any long term adverse effect on Africa? 1.5 Justification of the Research Problem The successful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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