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Impact of Electronic Waste on Soil - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper is about electronic waste dumping and its impacts on soil. It reviewed a research carried out in the electronic dumping sites in India. The sites were Loni and Mandoli. The paper reviewed different books, journals, and articles to establish the impacts of the electronic dumping  …
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Impact of Electronic Waste on Soil
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Extract of sample "Impact of Electronic Waste on Soil"

Download file to see previous pages Soil degradation, vegetation extinction, and human health complication have been established as the main impacts of electric equipment dumping in India (Pearson et al, 2003). Many types of research about electric waste have been carried out on various locations of India and the results point at the similar consequences (EIA, 2011). Most electric equipment including but not limited to television sets, radio and mobile phones usually bear harmful metals that diffuse into the soil and later emerge as a human threat. Such harmful metallic elements include Lead, Copper, Zinc, and Mercury (European Commission, 2011). The electrons emitted by these metals can cause soil composition imbalance and reduction in productivity. Several findings claim that developed nations are the major culprits of electronic waste dumping (EIA, 2011). On the contrary, the less developed nations such as India have been on the receiving end of the harm (Kikuchi, 2013).
India has been quoted as one of the most profound examples of places where there is the frequent occurrence of electronic waste dumping (Eerd, 1996). It has crude factories that deal in electronic waste management and recycling. However, the activities of these factories do not meet the required standards of other companies in the world (Yang et al, 2013). Most of these factories have not taken enough precautions to ensure that there is no emission and leakage of toxic traces from the electronic equipment (Grossman, 2006). In fact, some of the machines used in these facilities are not modern, therefore, may not perform the filtration of the harmful metal traces (Siddique, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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