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Comparative Politics - Essay Example

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[Name of Writer] [Name of Institution] [Course Name] [Date] “Comparative Politics” Question 1 Elitist theory states that the minority prevailing in the country often manages the governmental administration. Management of economic and political affairs becomes the duty and responsibility of elite class…
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Comparative Politics
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Extract of sample "Comparative Politics"

Download file to see previous pages The dictatorship or authoritarian governments can be considered as an example of elitist theory. In majority of the cases elite class of the society exercise their powers because of certain skills which are quite unique in that particular area. This is the reason on the basis of which most of the people living in elitist society could not challenge the status quo. Most of the people assume government as an elite group. However this is not the case always. Corporate sector can also act as an elite group of the society. They are on a bargaining position because of their revenue generating capability which will ultimately benefit the country. Real life scenarios of recent past suggest that corporations even play role in developing governments across the globe. Therefore it can be concluded that elite group has a powerful role to play in the growth and development. The pressure groups are almost inexistent in the elitist society. They do not have the resources to influence their point of view on elitist. Elitist theory also states that whenever attempts are made to over through elitist, the reaction of could be very harmful for the effective functioning of the society. Therefore decent homework will be required to alter such system (Machiavelli, NiccoloI€, W. K. Marriott, Nelle Fuller, and Thomas Hobbes, 1955). Pluralist theory suggests that economic development of the nation is the responsibility of government. However certain pressure groups can influence the decision making process of government. In pluralist society public have the power to actively criticize the decisions of government and develop a pressure group for the improvement of their living conditions. There are classes of competing groups who try to grab maximum power by dissecting the opportunities for other pressure groups. Political scientists are of the opinion that pluralist society cannot become stable in the long run since it does not have unity of command. Unstable governments are the norm of those societies. As far as the case of Unites States of America is concerned it can be concluded that pluralistic democratic system is prevailing in the country. Government administration of USA has to face to pressure as well as opposition members on the congress before making any decision associated with the government. Occupy Wall Street movement can be considered as an example of pressure group. There is no limitation on the general public to protest against governmental decisions (Johnson, Janet Buttolph, and Richard Joslyn, 1986). Question 2 Plurality system is the single voting system. According to this system the candidate with highest votes is elected as a member of legislative assembly. This system is based on the constituent politics. There are some political scientists who consider it as a best representative of democratic system. However opponents argue that it is not necessary that general public could elect the member who can solve their problems in the true sense. Therefore the system cannot be considered as fool proof. The condition of absolute majority does not prevail in this system. Simple majority is enough to decide the candidature. Proportional representation system is quite different from plurality system. It is based on seats to voter relationship. For example if party A has received 30% seats in the assembly then that party should also get 30% votes in the electoral process. Political scien ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Comparative Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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