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How important are natural resources in causing civil wars - Coursework Example

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The paper "Importance of Natural Resources in Causing Civil Wars" highlights that mediation and arbitration should be applied in solving conflicts. Conflicts over the control of valuable minerals and oil within countries should also be avoided. States should embark on equitable distribution…
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How important are natural resources in causing civil wars
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Extract of sample "How important are natural resources in causing civil wars"

Download file to see previous pages Studies indicate that countries with dominant primary export resources have over a one out of five chance of civil war in whichever given year. On the other hand, there is a one in a hundred chance of civil wars in nations without such dominant resources. Over 90 percent of victims in these civil wars are civilians. At the beginning of the twentieth century, war victims were 90 percent soldiers. Wars instigated by natural resources with their demoralizing effects on civilians have become the norm2.
Over half of the conflicts instigated by the natural resources are found in Africa. This is because several African states are highly reliant on mineral exports, oil, and gas hence; they are extraordinarily prone to resource-related wars. In the majority regions of the world, the ending of the Cold War necessitated a sharp reduction in the number of civil wars, like France, the Soviet Union and the U.S. decreased their monetary aid for marginal uprisings. The number of armed conflicts outside of Africa dropped by half between 1992 and 2001; hitherto in Africa, the number of wars has roughly remained constant. Furthermore, armed conflicts have become more rigorous within Africa3.
The lack of involvement of government is a key route by which natural resources boost the risk of civil wars. This is because resource-rich administrations become detached from their voters since they do not require other major tax revenues. This means that these governments do not care much for their citizens. They cannot solve the minor disputes in the local communities. This ultimately instigates armed conflicts while the communities try to resolve their issues. In several resource-rich communities the resource revenues are not deemed as belonging to common citizens equally as income taken from them in taxes; hence the detachment.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How important are natural resources in causing civil wars Coursework, n.d.)
How important are natural resources in causing civil wars Coursework.
(How Important Are Natural Resources in Causing Civil Wars Coursework)
How Important Are Natural Resources in Causing Civil Wars Coursework.
“How Important Are Natural Resources in Causing Civil Wars Coursework”.
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