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The lifestyle of people/animals living in African Savanna - Research Paper Example

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It is large and varied, and those who inhabit it have adapted to their way of living to survive from scarce water resources to the use of native…
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The lifestyle of people/animals living in African Savanna
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Extract of sample "The lifestyle of people/animals living in African Savanna"

Download file to see previous pages Other countries that have the same geography include Angola, Zambia, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Sudan, Botswana, Central African Republic, and Madagascar. While the standard image of the savannah is a vast plain with little or no grass and an occasional tree, the savannahs are full of natural resources (Nelson 8). The study puts its emphasis on the factors that influence the lifestyle of people living in the savannah with its basis on the African savannah.
The savannah grassland inhabitants are good in farming and rearing and little or no knowledge on business. Some studies though show that these people have engaged in businesses due to the rise of cities and empires (Wiszowaty 8). A certain study shows that there has been discovery o iron technology in parts of this region coincidental to its original establishment in Anatolia and the Middle East. It is noted in a study that the Bantu ironworkers of South Africa made superior steel, equal to the sophisticated production from England empires (Miller 91). The specific study emphasizes that this group of people have not only depended on farming and animal breeding for the most of their lives but are involved in different kinds of businesses.
More emphasis have been made to explain that the movement of this group of people from one place to another while looking for more pastures. The practice has introduced them to different cultures and the environment around them has helped them cope. Money, therefore; is a factor that has greatly influenced this peoples lifestyle (Nelson 9). With the changing times and technology, a lot of businesses have been introduced and people no longer depend on farming or cattle rearing as it was in the old days.
Due to the poor climate, lack of fertile soils and the cultural practices, these factors have led to things like famine and malnutrition; hence, they spur political unrest and civil wars empires. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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