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Urban farming, Future sources - Essay Example

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Urban farming in cities may have its advantages and disadvantages to the people living in the cities. While it would be a good thing for the urban residents to always get fresh products in the city, it may require a lot of planning to implement urban farming…
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Urban farming, Future sources
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Download file to see previous pages Farming in the urban area will result in improvement of the environment with the crops helping with the regulation of fresh air, while planting of the trees will ensure that the environment is well preserved (Mougeot 96). Though the environment may seem to improve from urban farming, there are circumstances where urban farming may have negative effects on the environment especially during floods. Urban soil cannot hold up well during floods because over the years, it has been weakened by various activities in urban areas. In the future, the idea of urban farming may have more negative impacts on the people living in the cities, as well as the environment. It may seem as the best thing for the people in the short term, but in the long term rural farming should be encouraged and supported to ensure enough provision of products to the urban people.
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In the future, there are resources that would be needed more than today and the way we live right now will greatly affect the same in future (Dernbach 620). There are several important resources, but the two which are really important to the whole planet and without which life would be very difficult are water and energy. Every scientific indication has shown that with the kind of life today’s human beings are leading, these two resources may be very hard to have in the future. Most of the water bodies are decreasing while fossils that provide oil and other products for energy are being used up in various industries around the planet. Without water or energy, there would be no life and if these two resources are not preserved, the future will not have the comfort to survive. If today’s society wants to save the future, they have to start with preserving the most pressured resources and ensuring that it is not wasted. This is by encouraging other ways of getting energy apart from using fossils, using other sources of energy which do not include environment pollution, saving energy by using things such as solar panels and other ways that ensure that energy in the future will not be a problem. Water can be preserved by having regulations against industries that dump their waste products in the water bodies, causing destruction of aquatic living things. This will ensure that fresh water is available for many years to come, and that sea animals are also preserved. Water can also be preserved by encouraging water recycling in various places, especially industries that use a lot of water on a daily basis (Hunt 99). Even at home this can also be practiced, which will lead to minimal wastage of water on the planet and in the future water will not be a problem because it is well used today. Water and energy are the two most used resources on the planet, and this will not change in the future. They will be more required with the population growth, improvement of technologies and other infrastructure coming up around the planet. If they are wasted today, in future life will be more difficult to live, and this is a responsibility ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Urban Farming, Future Sources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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